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How to Do a SubQ Protocol?

So I have been on t for the past 5 year. I have done pellet(didn’t like them) gels(didn’t like) and injections the longest and best for me. Was doing 200mg for a while and learned this was to much. Went to 150mg a week and was trying to do 75 twice a week. My biggest question is how dose someone do EOD injections? SubQ with a 30 would really help I feel. My free t is 4o and tt was 318. Do I need t replacement? Have taken the last 2 and half months off.

Drs are Necessary but I’ve learned a lot off of this site

u have been off for 2.5 months.

Good to take labs now.
total t
free t
estradiol sensitive

not sure why you orginally got on trt. just going along with where you are at now.

ALso just because you want subq does not mean if you have to inject more often. YOu can inject subq or IM 2x a week. strating at 100 mg divided in 2 is usually a good start.

Yeah, he can also do 100 mg once per week subcutaneously as I and many others do.

I have been off for 2 half months to just clean system.

FSH 9.8
Prolactin 5.5
LH 4.8
Ferritin 58
Tt 315
Ft 40

Any information on this number would be Appreciated

“clean the system” for what? How do you feel?

Low energy. I play a lot of golf but can’t get myself to workout and zero libido. I feel my blood pressure becomes an issue though when I take test. Don’t feel that good overall

The reason why you are having problems is because your dosing is too high, 75mg twice weekly would be too much for a lot of men. Most men will see mid to high normal total testosterone on only 50mg twice weekly.

I feel optimal at 20mg EOD.

Great can I do that subQ? Or stay IM ? 25 gauge is getting old twice a week

Yes 20 eod!!! How do I do that I know this sounds elementary but I’m lost to subq

You make the call, do whatever makes you feel better. I didn’t feel good on SubQ, I feel better on IM.

Ok what gauge needle do you use on EOD 20? And where do u shot?

Thank u so much for ur help

I use 29 gauge insulin syringes and rotate injection sites between shoulders and outer quads.

Great u back load? Or just commit to the time of pulling out of bottle ?

What oils is your T mixed in? If its cottonseed good luck getting a 29ga syringe to work.
The 27ga 1/2 easy tough has been the best for me. no back filling or needle swapping just fill and shoot. I subQ anywhere along my waist where I can pull up a wad of skin.

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Yea cottonseed wish I could find Grapeseed But can’t.

Going to try the 29 dude seems knowledgeable Enough and it works for him so wroth a try.

U use a 27? Pull and shot with same neddle?

Yes I even add my HCG to the same syringe(1st) so you only have to stick yourself once and there is no wasted T left in the needle. Just buy a 10 pack of of those 29s no need to waste anymore money on syringes you will never use.

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With that FSH and LH you are primary meaning testes not working.
What’s the free t range?

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I’m 30 percent body fat and hit muscle every time with the 1/2" 29 gauge syringe.

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i use that one too. If you want a bit longer get 5/8" 29 gauge

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