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how to do a kip

This is for the martial artists mostly you wushu guys/gals.

I’ve been trying to do a freakin kip (sp?) forever. (lie on back and hop up onto your feet)

Any tips on how to execute the move?

Thank you for your help.

forget kips and raise into crossed leg position, then lean forward and push your strongest leg under you. push your self straight up. looks great in the kwoon and can be very fast. the secret is leaning forward while you push up. after you master the “ronin technique” you will wonder why everyone else is so slow. jun fan for ever…

thanks for the tip… I’m having a little trouble visualizing the movement you discussed. Do you know of a website that illustrates this?

How I do it is to have your hands (facing palm down, at about shoulder’s width) behind your head while laying on your back, as if you were performing skull crushers. Next, while lying on your back, have your two thighs at 90 degrees from your waist, and your calves at around 135 degrees from your vertical thighs. Next, to get the momentum going, I rock my legs back and forth, and when you think you’ve got the right momentum, you launch your legs forward (while visualizing a semi-circle beneath you), while at the same time curling your spine to assist with the launch. Finally, it is the use of both your ‘palms-facing down’ hands that launch you into the air and onto your feet. I used to be able to do this with ease, until I started training with weights…now i’m too heavy, and not flexible enough. I can still do it, but now I need to warm up with a few failures before my muscles loosen up. Hope this helps.

I can do it, sometimes with no hands, but I have a hard time teaching others how to do it. What I did (this was back in junior high) was get in the living room floor with a pillow under me and kept doing it until I got it right. After that you just refine the technique. Again, it’s really tough to explain, even when you’re standing next to someone and trying to teach them how to do it. Most people don’t come up high enough on their upper backs and don’t get the whole body into it. You can’t just kick your legs.

One warning: it’s really easy to fart when you do it. You might want to “clinch” a little if doing it to impress the thong goddess in your gym.

Thanks you two for the great tips… I guess I just have to keep doin it till I get it right.

Shugs- about the pillow underneath. Do I place it under my lowerback? come to think of it, I don’t think I come up high enough on to my upper back. maybe that’s why I can’t seem to get my upper body to turn over.

I always seem to get stuck with my upper body at a 45 degree angle (head higher than hips). My feet get planted, but I just fall right onto my back.

Here is something you might try. Try kipping on a raised surface. That is lie on a platform/bench higher than the ground. Positiion yourself on the end of the bench and kip-up. This will teach you the correct movement. As you get better, you lower the bench/suface until it is level with the floor and you can still kip-up. Best of Luck.

The pillow was there just because I busted my ass so many times trying it; it didn’t really help much with actually performing the kip up. BTW, if you have access to a trampoline, you may want to start there. It’s very easy to do on a trampoline.

Great tip older lifter, I’m definitely gonna try that.

I’ll also try to find a trampoline but i guess my bed is close enough for now.

I’ll let you guys know when I finally get it.
Hahahah… this may take a while.

Do you think the ability to do a kip has anything to do with leg vs torso length? I know I’ve tried to do a kip and haven’t had any success. Possibly not trying hard enough or bad technique. I will put some of these suggestions to the test. However back to the leg to torso ratio. If I remember correctly Chris your about the same height as me…possibly 0.25" taller…could be the shoes, regardless it looked like your torso was shorter than mine. Which I’m thinking makes your legs longer. Heheh. To me it seems like this would help as you would have a greater moment arm for applying force due to the length or your legs. That coupled with the fact that your upper body would also have a smaller moment arm making it’s “respective” weight lower than someone with a longer torso. Also a shorter torso would make your upper body weigh less…respectively. Yes I know Chris your upper body still weighs more than mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

nkeago- As with anything else, there could be some genetic element involved. Sort of like how a long armed guy isn’t going to be a world class bencher but he may be a great deadlifter. With the kip up, some body types probably have a bit of mechanical advantage.

I think anyone can learn to do it though, some may just have an easier time than others. I’m 5’ 11" now at 210 pounds, but I learned to do it in junior high when I was much shorter and weighed less, and except for a little forced work in the weight room in athletics, I was untrained. And oddly enough, back when I was a fat bastard early in college, I could still do it. So I’d guess it’s 80% technique.

It is all physics. If your upper body is heavy, it will shift your center of gravity up. Thereby, making it more difficult to kip-up. Best of Luck.

You guys can appreciate this. Some years ago the pro wrestler Big Show (then wrestling under the name The Giant) weighing at least 400 and maybe as much as 500 lbs. did a kip in the ring. I could’nt believe it.

This move requires serious abdominal strength. Imagine doing a back bridge. now imagine standing up. That is a kip, but you are using the momentum of the kick out, and the pressing of the hands. hope that helps.


Big Show doing a kip? What the hell?

wow, I must learn how to do this damn thing.

Still trying… almost got it. I was able to stick my feet for about a sec, then I fell back.

Thanks for all the helpful information guys.