How to Do a Body Composition Check in?

Hahaha… I think he meant 10lbs of lean mass, seeing as how he mentioned retaining less water after discontinuing creatine use.

I think the important thing is consistency. If you wanna “fool” the test into giving you the lowest possible result, that’s fine… But make sure you do it that way every time. It’s hard to get a really “honest” measurement with calipers or BIA (the most common and convenient ways of measuring BF) but what you CAN do is track change over time.

With the BIA machine at my work, sometimes I’ll get 11% BF in the morning and 18% in the evening. This fluctuates based on how I eat, lift, hydrate, etc. so the only way for it to be meaningful for tracking progress is if you try to simulate the same circumstances every time you take it… In that case, I think going for “as lean as possible” is as good a goal as any, as long as you do it the same each time!

I’m not sure how you’re doing your test, but in my experience, here’s how you “game” a BIA machine into giving you the best results (if that’s what you decide you want to do :D):

  1. Eat a bunch of protein and carbs. Especially carbs.
  2. Have a big workout. Full body would be good. Try to get a nice pump.
  3. Get hella hydrated
  4. Use the toilet
  5. Make sure the food you ate in step 1 is good n’ digested, and not sitting in your stomach

For your refeed… If you’re trying to look as lean as possible for it, this is worth looking at: