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How to Dispose of Used Syringes?


Just wondering what or how u dispose of ur used syringes.

I have put all of mine in a couple of empty 1 litre plastic juice containers.Just don't want to dispose of them in a manner that could hurt others or obviouslly bring heat back on myself.

All have the plastic needle cover put back on.


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x2 on BBB.

In the UK it is illegal to dispose of them any other way - I strongly suspect the US is the same.

Now not being one to let a small thing like the law stop me, i am however one to let morality stop me.

Don't throw them in the trash as even if they are in a bottle or container there are plenty of people who work with the rubbish after it leaves your house.

Not to mention there are also those very poor individuals who need to scavenge the tips.

Even if you do not have any blood borne virus' they are still a risk by the time they have been sat in a milk/juice/food carton for a month..


Seems like lots of public places have sharps containers too, at least around large public universities.

Or, start hooking up with some diabetic chick and use her sharps bin.


I'm not sure if this is applicable in the U.S. though seeing how just possession of drug paraphernalia can get you arrested. I don't know how well it would work to walk up to a hospital and ask them to dispose of 100 needles/syringes for you.


sharps containers are cheap and they are sold where you would buy your pins.

or you can use the heavy "Tide" bottles like was suggested to me before.
you then super glue the cap on when filled take it to a hospital and tell them whats in it, that you didn't have a sharps container and you want it disposed of properly.
they will then incinerate it for you. any other ways are illegal and immoral as an animal or a can scavenger or anyone really can get into it in the garbage by mistake.

you can also find a needle exchange and take them there in this fashion.


Apart from the fact that not all states have the same law when it comes to needles (i have used exchanges in the US and bought needles over the counter too), if you are willing to break the law to get needles, then you should be willing to break the law to dispose of them safely.

Trust me, if you go to court for possession of needles (not gonna happen in an of itself) you will be in a significantly better position if you can show you acted as a responsible adult by disposing of them safely and not just some juice head who acted less responsibly than the majority of dope addicts.. (to use a common stereotyped misconception to make a point).

/lecture :wink:


Did they ask you any questions when you told them it was filled with needles?


Like what? It is honestly no-ones fucking business.

If you take a shit on the street - that is illegal, but you sure as hell wont get people asking what you ate!

(OK, fine - that analogy doesn't work, but i am sticking with it because it made me laugh!)



Sorry guys a little off topic (just didnt wanna cluster the board with new threads):

I have a 10ml bottle of oil based gear. I have 21g needles.
What do i do next?
What are the steps to injection? ie. What do i do after i puncture and draw the stuff? Do i change barrels? Needles? How to block the bottle puncture hole?

Would like to know asap. So i can start my cycle :)))


The forum isn't going to run out of space, I promise.

You probably won't get much help though, you haven't done much research.


I have done my research. All instructions on injection i have found never mention these few first steps at which im stuck.


How is it that the rest of us figured this out, but you are having trouble? We have access to the same information you do.

Last year, they invented the internet, I heard it's the shit.


haha, well I imagine something would be said. Not to mention hospitals are swarming with security/law enforcement.

I just don't see how when a big dude walks in with a big thing of needles that they would just say "Ok thanks, come again!" and let you on your way.


You can't be serious...


You're supposed to stick the vial up your rectum. It's time released to make it idiot-proof.


The laws in the states I've lived in state that you put the sharps in a plastic or puncture proof container and label it "sharps" with a marker. This can be disposed of legally in the regular garbage.


And for those in other states, here's the scoop -



Seriously, it looks like as far as personal home use goes only California has a law regulating needle disposal(big surprise). Some states don't even have guidlines. My state says to put them in a strong container tightly closed and throw in the trash. I was doing it right all along and didn't even know it.

Since I live in Colorado I believe that if you throw a syringe on the ground where it can be swept into a storm drain on the western side of the continental divide it will eventually end up on a LA/Orange County beach, and one dropped on the eastern slope will end up on a Jersey beach.


they have no idea if you are a "junkie" I hate using that term for personal reasons but it gets the point across.

or if you are a diabetic and need slin shots and if you are a big guy,how are they to know you are not on doc prescribed TRT?
and frankly it is not their business and it violates a code of ethics to ask you.

yes their are cops their and yes security but its no problem because their is no proof of wrong doing.
besides would they rather you dump them in a responsible manner or dump them in a dumpster for someone to get stuck with?

in short, no I have had no questions at all,they say thank you,hand me a list to local exchanges and I am on my way.