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How to Dismantle a Car?


I have a very old broken down car in my yard I need to get rid off, I need more room. It's in a position that it can't be lifted by these trucks used to remove old cars (well maybe it could, but it's gonna be very difficult and I don't want to pay for it).

I talked to a scrapyard guy and he's charging 250 bucks (and I aint getting any money for the old metal, which obviously annoyed me very much). After I showed him a pic of the car's position he said it wasn't worth the hassle.

Anyone has experience with dismantling a car? I can't even gets the bolts loose without breaking my low quality tools (the bolts are all extremely rusted), I tried using some kind of oil (or whatever the shop clerk gave me) to help getting them lose, didn't help.

Right now I'm considering buying a blowtorch, however I have no idea how to use them and I'm not too keen on using a blowtorch on a car (gas, oil, other fluids). Any tips / insight?




Blow torches are great for demolition, but if it's a no go, then a large angle grinder with a cut off wheel will also rip a car to pieces pretty quickly.

Wear a face shield and safety glasses.

A product called PB Blaster is great for breaking loose rusted and frozen fasteners too.


You don't hwo to even use a blowtorch, and you are thinking about DISSMANTLING a car? Dude, this ain't happening. Pay someone to get it out of there, no matter the cost. In no way in hell you dissmantle it.


Dismantle it down to what? To the chassis? If it's a unibody, the body is part of the chassis. Then what? Who's going to take all the bits and pieces out to the junk yard. During the dismantling, cutting and torching you are going to end up with a shitload of small debris in the area where you do the dismantling. Metal shavings, bolts, fluids and a bunch of other small shit that will be hard to clean up.

I would rather pay $250 any day than have to dismantle car down to manageable pieces and then figure out how to get rid of them.


I'd still look for someone to take it away for free. You should see what they take where I am.

I cut up a car once, just to dispose of it after I picked the parts I wanted off it. I took out the interior and used an acetylene torch to cut it into manageable chunks. What a mess.. never again. I'm lucky the fire department didn't show up. I had a garden hose going to put out the small fires. In the end a junk guy picked up all the metal pieces for nothing. I still had 2 truck loads of interior and other parts to take to the dump.



Thanks for the replies so far.

Dismantle might have been the wrong word. Demolition is better, I just want to get rid of it and if possible get money for the scrap metal. Obviously selling parts is not my goal.

The problem is it's extremely hard to get somebody to pick it up. It's under a pretty low roof and it's in a very narrow spot and I've had no success moving it (tried pushing with 3 relative strong people and tried pulling it out with another car...and yes I made sure the brakes weren't on). The rust transformed it into one solid metal mass.


my understanding of the OP was that the guy who offered to do it for 250.00 rescinded the offer when he looked at the car.

That being said, OP, you are clearly not qualified in any way to dismantle this car himself. DON'T DO IT. You need to ask around more. There has to be someone who's willing to do it. 250.00 was probably reasonable, and if you can find someone else willing to remove the car at this price or anything close to it, you should take them up on it.


demolition is not better. I can 100% guarantee that you will regret trying to do this yourself. Keep in mind, there is a reason that people with experience have turned you down already. They're not idiots.

Side note, if this car is a solid rusted metal mass, why would you expect someone to pay you scrap money? That's ridiculous.


I am now very curious what this looks like. Can you post some pics?


Jaws of Life. Ask the local fire department to come and practice. They might do it for free.


It will be particularly messy due to it's inaccessibility.


Drain all fluids.

Rent one of these- http://www.dewalt.com/tools/metalworking-grinders-large-angle-grinders-dwe4597n.aspx

and a dozen of these- http://www.dewalt.com/tool-parts/abrasives-bonded-abrasives-type-1-wheels-_045-thin-cutting-wheels-dwa8054.aspx

A good small pry bar and a 6lb. sledge and that thing will be history.

Maybe one of these too- http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/welding-jackets-and-coats/ecatalog/N-ikk?fromViewAll=true&Pid=search


You know he is going to end up catching the structure it is in on fire right?




What kind of car??


Thats what the FR shop jacket is for!

J/K, I just take for granted that this kind of stuff is like second nature for me.




Do you have any friends that are fire fighters? See if you can bribe one of 'em with a case of beer to spend a Saturday tearing that mofo apart with the jaws of life. I've always wanted to use one of those things. Preferably in a non-emergency situation.


Is this thread serious?

Cutting tools, no need for blow torches and a skip for the metal.

Take the engine apart and gut the car. Take the fuel tank out and hose the thing down with water.

Hire an angle grinder for a couple days and cut it up based on some youtube videos. Job done.

You'll need a small crane to lift the car up so you can get under it. Dont forget to support the body with wood.