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How to Dirty Bulk


What a freakin retard


Whoops forgot the link to bodybuilding.com forum



I don't know... His moobs seem to be coming in nicely. Maybe if he actually lifted weights the rest of his body would respond as well?


Haha yes the one element he forgot to include in his bulking phase.


He does have some great invisible lats as well.


Man reading that thread was a laugh a minute.


Does that guy actually believe he made any real progress?!


My favorite post was the 5'8" 130 kid asking the OP if he is going to cut now.


Hahaha i really wish he would have posted those pics T-Nation. the comments could have been so good


that thread must have been the funniest thing ever


he did the bulk that 60% of america does


best part was when that guy said "looks like you gained a large amount of fat."


"I'm sorry if we aren't all genetically gifted. But i work with what i have and i am proud to say the least," he said. LOL


how much you want to get he just became a fatass and posted there thinking he could trick some people into telling him good job! Doesn't look like he ever lifted and I doubt he was trying to bulk.

My question is what on earth is wrong with people that told him he did a good job??



Still doesn't beat the XCelticX thread, though...


His username is very appropriate- Dreamer


how did you get so stupid?


pretty much sums that up


A classic among classics.


his shoulders slowly rolled further forward as he got fatter and he got more acne on his face.

Bulk ... successful!