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How to Diet When on Test cyp


i went from 6'1 300 lbs of obesity. i have lost 60 lbs and i am now at 240-245 i am taking test cyp at 250 mgs a week for the first two weeks and just last week i too 350 mg.

but what i am worried about is gaining weight. at times i feel like i eat to much and others not enough to gain muscle. i still have some stomach fat but i am looking better just worried about my diet. i work out five days a week
mon- triceps and chest 4 sets of 10 and i do 12 excersises in one workout 6 triceps 6 chest
tues- shoulders and biceps same sets and reps but only do ten exercises

wed- legs abs and back same sets and reps but do four exercises for each muscle group
thurs repeat monday
fri repeat tues

i take in from about 1100 calories on my light days and on my heavy 2000 sometimes 2500 calories. since i have alot of body fat should i still cut back on my diet.

i am taking test just for size. dont mind having body fat just want to get bigger


Im no expert by far. So that being said. Taking in Test by some reports, has alot to do with fat lost. Reports ive read, and personal experience is that higher test level helps keep dow, or even reduce body fat.

Not to confuse that with water weight and retention. But with that low of caloric intake you better be dumping a ton of protien in your diet to gain muscle. I believe most reports and users will agree, you will burn "eat" away muscle before fat. Therefore higher caloric intake is needed. But hell what do i know. Just some two cents.

If this is your first cycle that is an ok doaage i think most would agree. But understand cyp takes sometime to activate. I love cyp i get best feal, and results from it over te other test esters, but it is slow acting.

Follow the guidelines in the sticky, id say what worked for me, and should work for you is keep protien up at least double your weight, be it shakes or alot of tuna. And take in 2000-3000 calories of low low fat, low sugar. Do cardio every day at least 15 minutes, more if you can.

Some one else can comment on lifting im a novice there also.

Good luck.

Oh and run some adex with the test, im a turned believer in it now.


Thanks a lot for the info


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Thanks for the input. I have reasearched this shit before it's just confusing because anybody who cycles is always like 185 lbs to 205. I am already at 245. I was just making sure I should be eating the same as guys that weighed less than I do. I don't want to get any fatter than I already am


You should eat according to your LBM NOT your total weight. You are NOT 'already at 245'.. because that insinuates that you have worked to get there or it is an achievement.

1100-2000kcal's is not enough for someone of your height.

You sould not eat less or more than someone else - you should eat for you and your size.

This will help:

66 + (6.22 x weight in lbs) + (12.7 x height in in.) - (6.8 x age) = BMR

Multiply your BMR by; 1.3, 1.4, 1.6 or 1.8 depending if you are; Lightly active, moderately active, very active or extremely active.

As an example, moderately active is 3-4x per week exercise and a job where you do a fair amount of walking.

This will give you your AMR (Active metabolic rate)

If you want to lose wiight eat 10-15% less than that and go from there.


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On retrospect - i should have written 'weight' for ease.. :wink:

But yes, i meant; for his height even the higher end of his allowance (2000k) would not be enough to maintain someone who was 140lbs and devoid of all fat. Let alone his actual weight.

(Whereas if he was 5' and 140lbs and devoid of all fat - it may well be [2000k]).



2000k = 2,000,000




Why would you run a bigger dose the last week than the first.And what only a 3 week cycle.