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How to Develop the Back of My Shoulders?


Hi, I'm interested in putting some muscle on the back of my shoulders. I don't even know what are the muscles there called. Please forgive me :slightly_smiling:
Do you know any exercises for that zone? What sets and reps and how offten should I do them?

Thanks a lot.


Rear delts, traps??

Rear delt flyes (cable, db), facepulls, shrugs (bb, db, btb, overhead)


Posterior deltoids. Traps. And rhomboids to an extent.

Face pulling is good. Using the pec deck machine backwards is alright. Barbell rowing to the sternum or higher is good for loading up the area with heavy weight. And shrugging is good for the traps.


You've gotten good advice, but I'd like to add Kroc rows to the list. They let you use a very heavy load and it's easy to make progress with them.