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How to Determine What Show to Compete In?


So there seems to be a good amount of local NYC/NJ guys here that compete. How do you find the upcoming listing of shows to compete in and know what level is right? I checked the NPC site and only see upcoming national level shows.

I am still a ways out but think maybe June/July is realistic as I still have a fair amount of filling out I’d like to do. Looking to do Men’s Classic Physique and it will be my first show. Are there other governing bodies that have Classic or is NPC the only way to go?


If you’re natural you can go to ANBF, OCB, and WNBF to look at shows, lots of shows in the NY/NJ area for bodybuilding or physique. If not natural, NPC is probably your best bet.


I am, although the more people I speak to the more it seems that is few and far between. Most people I know do NPC so that might be why.

Thanks for the info. I’ll google these and see what they offer.


The new ANBF schedule was put up two weeks ago. Obviously because I am ANBF pro I’m biased. :grinning: See NPC Northeast; there’s a show like every week in the spring through fall!


The circuits listed are all very competitive natural cirtcuits, and some of the shows are pretty big! Look into it and be sure to post back with any questions.


Thank to you both for the input. I took a look and it seems only the OCB offers the Classic Division unless I am missing something.

Just found the NPC stuff through Bev’s, odd the schedule isn’t on the npcnewsonline.com site. Are certain shows better for a complete novice?

Time to start getting (more) serious. Based on the dates it looks like NPC has so many more options…now to do my part :wink:


Most, if not all shows will have a “novice” division for people who are doing their first show. However, in the show I did in September they did not have this for classic physique so you may want to check individual show flyers.

If you’re truly concerned, you can always ask people you know that compete in your area which shows are generally smaller than others.

If you want to do a natty show, just do bodybuilding. The difference is really a few extra poses. I’d argue conditioning is the same with the exception of people trying to get striated glutes.


Naturalbodybuildingevents . Com

You can search by date, location or federation. Includes all (most?) except npc (they’ve got their own site).



ANBF added classic physique, to be started in 2017. It’s a relatively small and newer federation. However, the president Kent Bierly is a great guy and really is all about the competitors and making sure they all have great experiences. The judges are very generous with feedback too. All the staff is great. I think a good show to start would be Brooklyn Grand Prix in October, partly because I always attend it. :grinning::+1:And I have a bit of an affinity to Bushwick. I contemplated doing the last one but thought it was wisest to just focus on my ANBF show this past October.


Thanks for the information and the link. It’s good to see so many options. The Brooklyn Grand Prix was one I had discussed with my coach and it would give me ample time to round out before prepping. ANBF also sounds very promising. While I have no issues with AAS, they just aren’t for me. I’ve been contemplating other routes like LGD/Osta/etc after seeing just how many people are on the real stuff but seeing there are true natural local shows makes me very happy. It’s something I haven’t really felt so comfortable with.

As I currently stand, 5’10", 200 lbs and just a hair over 10%, I have some work to do to be stage ready at 192 (assuming amateur doesn’t take the 5 lb jump as well). Anyone have shows they are planning on entering?


Ahhh, I thought I would be 190 lbs stage ready too… always a shocker, but remember that the mirror > the scale!

I always push the Wnbf Hercules in June because it’s got a reputation as not just always a tough show, but the longest running drug tested show in the Country. When I used to read the results every year in the old Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazines, it read like a who’s who in natty bodybuilding when you looked at the guys who turned pro there.

There’s also the Northeast America in NJ usually in late April I believe. A smaller show than the Hercules, it’s run by Anthony and Karen Monetti and is always a first class production. The last few years I’ve taken to suggesting to my local (northeast) clients that it’s a good first time contest, or even a nice warm-up to get the jitters out of the way before a later (usually June or Summer) show.



Lol yeah just to second that, if you’re truly 8 pounds away from stage lean you should already be looking incredible, make sure to give yourself enough time. Most people significantly underestimate how lean they need to be on the first go around, and don’t give enough time to get there. Not saying it won’t work out, just make sure to plan ahead accordingly.


That’s exactly my thinking. And to be clear, I am no where near 8 lbs from stage ready hahaha. Sorry if there was any confusion there. If I was to go for “stage ready” now I would likely check in about 175-180.
I have no delusions there.

I really don’t worry about the scale so much anymore but 192 on stage and staying around 10-12% means I need about 15 lbs of relatively clean mass which unassisted sounds like a fairy tale to me. It’s even tougher because even at 200 with abs currently, I am far from looking that size because my legs far outpace my upper half.

June/July would, I think, be my earliest possible assuming I keep busting my @$$ and everything goes perfectly.


Do you have pics? I don’t think you’re 10 percent at 200# and 5’10" drug free. You are likely fatter than that and will likely compete in the 170s if you expect to be shredded.

Have you seen what top naturals at 190 look like, and what their heights are?


I don’t at the moment. Last test of BF was at 197 and was just over 10% so I am guesstimating at this point. I might be a touch generous to myself :wink:

I am likely be a bit fatter as I have been actively gaining albeit very slowly. I subconsciously don’t want to admit… I agree though. Stage lean would be 170s for sure. I always assume its about a 20 lb drop to get to that condition.


20 lb drop from what? There’s no definite number considering some will need to drop more depending on the condition they start from. I lost 36 and weighed 171.8 the day before my show, at 5’10" with a medium frame.


From current condition. 192 being the upper bounds according to npc guidelines, I wouldn’t anticipate being that on stage natural.

Your avatar pic at 171 is incredible. Looks to be much bigger than that.

At the end of the day it’s whatever it takes to get into peak condition. If it’s 20 or 30 it is what it is.


Thank you! I was very carbed up in the pic. If you saw pics from the day before, you’d see I was like Skeletor.