How to Determine Total Daily Calories on 30-10-30 Program?

I see that you recommend a 50% carb, 25% protein an 25% fat breakdown for the 30-10-30 workout. My question is , a breakdown of what caloric amount? Is it the 1600 like recommended in Body Fat Breakthrough?
If not what is the total calories for the day? If not one total daily calories for all of us, then how do I determine the total daily caloric intake to apply the 50-25-25 ratio of calories?

I believe he recommends a caloric surplus. Personally, I recommend a surplus for any program when you’re evaluating its ability to put on muscle. It’s just hard to build new muscle in a deficit. A program will demand a lot of calories if it’s going to make you grow.

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Figure out your lean body mass and then get on a site that you trust to determine your caloric requirements and add a conservative amount of additional calories. A nice place to start is or even the Crossfit fave, the Zone diet.

Too many bodybuilders and lifters in general have the mindset that they can eat on muscle which is simply not true using their training programs to justify overeating. But, if you run the actual numbers lifters actually don’t need a whole lot of extra food. The calories per hour of lifting don’t compare with endurance athletes, for example, who are doing steady state training for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. One hour of intense, non-stop weight training would burn 900 calories (just look around a gym…who does that? unless you’re training like Vince Gironda advocated or John Defendis, no one). In comparison, an hour run at an 8:00/mile pace would burn +1,600 calories.

Thank you. I should have read the whole book first before posting the question. In the book it says he’s not concerned with calories and you can eat as much as you like. I tend not to eat or think that way at all. Your suggestion about calculating the total caloric intake based on the LBM is well taken, its especially true when calculating the protein. I was thinking of using the Harris Benedict formula to get the total for the calories; I have a body fat scale, which can give me rough estimate of my LBM. However I will also go on the site you provided to check as well. Thank you again.