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How to Design a Diet to My Specific Needs?

I have a few goals right now which are…

  1. get to and maintain my bodyweight at 150 lbs. and achieve a 5-10% fat content.
    I’m doing this by multiplying my current weight by 15 then subtracting 20% of that number to reach my daily calorie intake. Right now I am at 163 lbs x 15 -20% = 1,956 calories which will be reevaluated every week when I weigh myself on sunday mornings (how does this sound?)

  2. Lower my cholesterol bur also what is a good source of omega 3 oils that won’t raise my cholesterol?

  3. Have enough energy for training and stay full. I realize to a certain extent this won’t be comfortable and I will need to suck it up to some degree but also need to be able to have enough energy to complete my lifting and build strength

Why would you want to be that small tho?

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