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How to Deal with Time Off Training?


Just wanted to give thanks to everyone that’s replied, I’ve definitely got some good ideas to get creative with training for the meantime. Just need to get my diet in check, I’ve honestly been lucky to get over 1800-2000 calories in per day and that’s after burning up to 800-1000 a day at work with no weight training.


Good to hear.

Yeah, based on where you live I’m in complete agreement that bike commuting is a bad idea. No human being can collide with a 3500+ pound car and win.

As for the pull up, push up, one arm push up standards I mentioned, keep in mind those are NOT newbie or even intermediate goals (unless calisthenics is your forte). So don’t risk injury trying to achieve those things right away.

In case you didn’t know, the elbow has MORE muscles involved than any other joint in the human body. More parts = more variables that can go wrong.

So always always always warm up before, stop if there’s any pain, and there’s zero need - especially if 10 reps is your max - to pull body weight every day. Believe you me, this method will work until it doesn’t - and when that happens you can easily end up with elbow issues that will take months or longer to heal.

Don’t be shy about asking any business if they give student discounts.

And don’t forget about those ‘Loss Leaders’ for times you go to another store. They usually have little newspaper-type printouts at the entrance.


Yeah, elbows have always been an issue for me. 90% of the time I strayed away from heavy Tricep training just because of the tendinitis. I was in no way saying I’m going to try and attempt 15 one arm push-ups tomorrow maybe I should’ve noted that. But I think working up to doing a couple over the next couple months would be something cool to do in the meantime. Honestly, calisthenics have never been my favorite. I honestly just like pulling, pressing, squatting, and rowing heavy things. I think this would be a good chance to work on my weaknesses though, per se.

I’ll definitely keep the Loss Leaders recommendations in mind, as well as asking for a student discount. Thanks buddy I appreciate the advice.