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How To Deal With Terrorism


Blowing up ones self is IMHO a legitimate war tactic (WW2 Japanese pilots come to mind), but to prevent a terrorist from blowing up a Cafe or Mall packed with innocent folk the terrorist needs to understand that his or her family will be quietly wiped out after the fact.

If dying doesnt deter a terrorist from targeting innocent people then perhaps the efficient extermination of the terrorists family will lead to him or her giving up the explosives and taking a more political route to get what he or she wants... like filling out an application for MTVs next Real World.


Bah, don't go for their families, just blow up a mosque every time there is a terrorist strike.


What if the terrorist is Irish? Should we blow up a pub?


Hey, you have to hit 'em where it hurts!


Now thats just plain mean. There are some lines you just shouldn't cross. Mosques sure, families- fire away, but pubs? Jeez, what kind of person are you?

You probably kick puppies too.


And hamsters.


If they can't handle a cartoon, imagine how they would freak if we saved all the pork fat from a year's worth of Emeril shows and air dropped it on Mecca... In all seriousness, these riots fromcartoons have convinced me that we need to pre-emptively bomb the uranium sites in Iran. If these... I guess I have to call them people... are that unstable, then they absolutely should be allowed nowhere near nukes.


Very true to blow up a Pub is a sin against humainty where as blowing up a masque is just fuckin with the people of the man who just blew himself up killing all the innocent people who happend to be on the bus he picked. Then i suport the family idea even more either kill or imprison the family and see if that changes how willing Akmed is to suicide bomb somwhere.


It won't work. The fanatics will just view their families as martyrs to the cause. It will just strengthen their resolve further.



Thinking that killing their families would deter them from blowing themselves up would sugest an ability to apply compassion.

Compassion is something that terrorists don't seem to comprehend too well.


You guys miss the point.

They don't care about people and families... they are not important to them at all.

They care about their religion.

I tell you, equate one death to one destroyed mosque or holy shrine and there will be a debate of biblical propertions of whether or not encouraging the destruction of mosques and shrines via suicide, because you know the consequences of such acts, represents an unforgivable sin.

Heh, or not... perhaps there would just be a huge war!


THAT COMMENTS A FUCKING DISGRACE. I don't even think it should be allowed on the board. So what if your brother killed someone???? Does that mean you should be killed to... think about that. If you did that you'd just be killing innocent people like the terrorist. In fact that would be terrorism. People like you are giving the U.S the bad name it has, and are the reason why people want to attack you anyway.


A majority of the families receive a great deal (to them I suppose) of money if their father/son/mother/daughter dies for Allah in a bombing... that's a bit of motivation for a disaffected muslim youth whose family is starving and who envies anyone who can find boogers in their nose to eat for breakfast when they wake up in the morning.

Arafat died with a few billion dollars, so it's not like a foundation for jobs, education, healthcare, and a rational approach to destroying the Jews coudnt be taken. The most valuable information we have to help us defend ourselves is the assumption that those men who would be terrorists have close relatives that are worth living/dying for.

If pre-emptive strikes are not acceptable or utilized to an effective degree and a defense based on exclusion of suspected terrorists is no longer acceptable, then a response to an attack should be a brutal and "personal" one that has little to do with religious ideology and hits hardest at those who are closest to the individual whose fault can no longer be denied.


I don't know about PPP, but I don't think anyone else is taking this thread seriously...


"THAT COMMENTS A FUCKING DISGRACE. I don't even think it should be allowed on the board. So what if your brother killed someone???? Does that mean you should be killed to... think about that. If you did that you'd just be killing innocent people like the terrorist. In fact that would be terrorism. People like you are giving the U.S the bad name it has, and are the reason why people want to attack you anyway."

I tried to make it clear that I was talking about individuals who would seek to kill large groups of innocent people (unlike Kamikaze pilots)to champion their cause. It's one thing for a soldier to target a large group of soldiers (I don't believe insurgents in Iraq should have families targeted), but a terrorist like one on one of the planes flown in the 9/11 tragedy might think twice if he new we would wipe out all those close to him.

My brother was a soldier in the IDF and has lost many friends in close combat trying to protect the innocent women and children of terrorists when it would have been easy for the IDF to simply missle a suspected terrorist safe house.


And that is just so sick, I just don't understand people like that.


Un. Believe. Able.

What the hell did the people in the mosque do? You're going to put every one who goes to a mosque in the same category as a terrorist?

Killing an innocent person is a sin against humanity. Period. Blowing up a bus full of 10 innocent people is exactly the same as blowing up a mosque full of 10 innocent people.

I am sure this would work wonders for US-Middle East relations.


Y'all are missing the forest because of the trees. We have terrorism because it is an effective way for people with no other political muscle to exercise some muscle. The palestenians beleive that the jews are taking their land over. Everybody knows that its a cultural war. The arabs have long viewed the US as a meddler in their affairs - shaw of iran , us support of mujadeen but not rebuilding their land , the latest iraq conflict . Ect. Ect. We are imperialist.

But we are also doing the best thing to stop terrorism the way we are handling things.

We told Afghanistan to give bin ladin up. The taliban wouldnt do that. Then we asked some more politly. We made speaches as what was the trade towers still smouldered. The taliban refused so we went in and now america basically controls afghanistan or until we can gaurantee a Non-taliban government that will be stable. I dont know how long this will be but the afghani's seem pretty supportive of our prescence or at least they arent actively fighting us like iraq is. Either way. Then we went farther and went into iraq. Its a big spendage of money but we got slapped in the face with 9/11 and we are both punching back ( afghanistan ) and kicking our terrorist oppenent in the balls ( iraq ). Its about respect. Sometimes for kids to learn respect and how to get along with others , they need to be taught a lesson. So with americans occupying 2 arab countries, the terrorists are figuring out quick that it just doesnt pay to mess with us because we dont play tit for tat like israel. We take 2 eyes for an eye. A gallon of blood for every drop lost, and i think this will work because several terrorism scholars say that the terrorists are shifting focus to Europe/Iraq now. So this gives the bombers cause to think eh? Y'all have to realize that al queda hamas whatever are all just businesses. As long as they can have a cause and somebody that wont destroy them ( not the US of course ) they will have money coming in from arab governments oil sheiks you name it.


I agree with Ralph Nadars foreign policy: spies, bribes, and assassins.

A terrorists family would be a more reasonable target because the punishment(which is meant to deter terrorism) is for targeting innocent civilians and not for being of one religion or another - the problem is not a Muslim one; the problem is the punishment is not fitting the crime.


This thread is serious?

I retract any comments I made in it.