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How to Deal with Stupid Parents


Im 18 and living with my parents.So the problem is that they wont buy me the food i want,and they keep buying shit .I told my mom to buy each day 500 g pasta which is dirty cheap and an easy 1.5k calories and she said that il get puffy from it ,and if i want to get big and buff she can just buy me proteins.What the fuck,are people just this stupid???

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I know this sounds unreal, but yes there are people this stupid living on this planet, especially around the eastern block where i live.There are times where i contemplate working in constructions just to get my own money cause my mother is to dumb.I cant even eat meat 2 days in a row cause she believes that its bad for the stomach.Seriously , ive seen people in my gym who are to afraid to do pulldowns cause they will wreak theyre spine.If you squat 2 plate without belt here at my gym you are a genetic freak.


Mate im not trolling and for a reason my forum posts dont appear after i submit them even though the reply is recorded.


You're not trolling? Then get a fucking job, move out, stop calling your mother stupid and start buying things for your parents instead of leeching off them like a parasite.


I'm glad someone said that!


Lol at the independent butthurt american ,yankee this isnt america,i dont have to get hired and im not leeching off my parents, they just buy stupid worthless food that its 5 times more expensive then real food.Expecting advice from someone named Sex Machine :wink:


Obviously you have no idea how things run around here, by the way i notice most of you yanks have Monster and Machine in theyre name, why is that?


Oh is poor wee baby offended...

Son you are such a knob. Seriously you have a lot of growing up to do.



Wow the "grow up " argument, how pathetic of you.Its so obvious that you aren't in touch with the reality and you choose to flame me cause you probably have nothing better to do when eating your double mc chicken extra large cheeseburger.


You are 18. Get a fucking job, move out, stop calling your mother stupid and start buying things for your parents instead of leeching off them like a parasite.

Grow the fuck up, you entitled piece of shit.


To give you a serious answer: they are your parents and even if you bring home money (not sure if you do), it's still their house. I know it's common in Russia to live at home until you get married, but seriously... Their house, their rules. You'll have to move out if you can't bear it.


If they're stupid as you say, then EDUCATE them. Calmly inform them of your goals and the basics through which these goals can be achieved. If they can see how important this is to you, and that there are some redeeming qualities you'll attain from it all, they may be more receptive to facts instead of the "old wives' tales" that are so prevalent in your culture.


'Reality'...I don't think it means what you think it does.

Flaming. Hmm. Baby can hand it out, but sure can't take it.

Nappy need changing?

Try something original sunshine. Why don't you thank your Mother for cooking for you, or better yet, why not offer to cook tonights meal. Actually contribute for a change.


This troll is strong...


Someone got they're jimmies rustled :wink: Seems to me all americans like to flamepeople who live in a normal country.Inb4 other yankee's flame with the subjectivity of theyre childhood problems .,,you entitled piece of shit,, this post shows iprocrisy,in america you get payed like 10 $/hour to sell burgers,thats the average daily salary in eastern countries.Enjoy ypure report for directly calling me a piece of shit.


And what country are you from?


Can we just sticky this post, please.


Why would we want to live in a "normal" country? Most countries blow.


Tried that alrdy mate,its pointless.