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How to Deal with Low Glycemic and High Glycemic Foods?

Hello every one…

I typed topic bout fruits and guys gave me answer and really thanks for that

But the question here …when these two (the low and high glycemic) can play big role and stop my weight loss success???

I have readed much articles about that and i removed many foods i was depand on. Such as potatos and white rice and even my whole wheat pasta i cook only for 5 min becuase i dont want it rise glycemic index as i readed longer cook = higher glycemic index…

Thanks all

Can any one help plz

I think you need to clarify the question. Are you asking whether high-glycemic carbs are better than low-GI carbs for weight loss, or when to have high-GI carbs instead of low-GI carbs?

Thank for answer

My question when high glycemic food can cause weight gain? Since i been told here they wont harm… And my question before in fruits in earlier topic and in this i ask bout vegetabels such as potato and white rice…

Ideally, higher-glycemic carbs should always be eaten closer to your workout. That being said, quite a few guys on here (myself included) don’t think you need to worry about avoiding things like potatoes and rice too much. It’s things like refined flours and added sugars that you should really worry about.

More to the point though, food does not cause weight gain unless you eat too much of it. Your goal is to lose fat, correct? As long as you’re getting enough protein and some fats, eating carbs (even white rice and potatoes) in moderation, whilst maintaining a caloric deficit, should make you lose fat.

Thats great bro

Really perfect info… Yes my goal is to lose fat

Thanks again

It all kind of evens out when you mix it up anyways.

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Thanks for share bro