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How to Deal with High Progesterone?

I started TRT 5-6 weeks ago and the experience has been good overall, but my libido and ED issues haven’t really resolved. I got labs done recently and they are as follows:

17 beta Estradiol: 146.84 pmol/L

Progesterone: 0.28 µg/L ( < 0.2 )

Total Testosterone: 20.9 nmol/l

Prolactin: ü 9,1 µg/L [ 3 - 14,7 ]

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin): 25.2 nmol/L [ 10 - 57 ]

LH: < 0.2 UI

I was fortunate to have my testosterone tested when I was younger (and healthy) and it was 27.1 nmol/l.

All in all, my labs are relatively good. I’m doing 20mg of test cyp EOD and 200iu of HCG.

My low testosterone symptoms came about due to a varicocele, which a few studies have linked to alternations in progesterone enzymes resulting in higher levels.

Part of me is concerned that the HCG is raising my progesterone too high and testosterone is not high enough to circumvent the progesterone. I am going to speak to my doctor about upping my dosage to 30mg EOD and 100iu of HCG daily.

Has anyone dealt with this issue?

I should point out that I don’t have any symptoms of high E2, which is in part probably due to the elevated progesterone.

Where is your free testosterone?

What kind of symptoms are you having that makes you think its the progesterone.

Total T is slightly above mid-range and estrogen by our standards is high at 40 pg/mL (<35), the HCG is likely to blame for erectile problems do to increases in estrogen.

ED and low libido is a symptom, the question is it a symptom of elevated estrogen or suboptimal Free T.

Prior to starting TRT, my E2 was undetectable on lab work. The symptoms of low E2 are pretty horrific and arguably worse than high (for me personally). In all honesty I haven’t felt a single symptom of high E2 even with these labs, with the exception of libido/ED. But even that is arguably still a bit better than before TRT (where it was in the gutter completely).

Prior to starting TRT, my symptoms of low testosterone were not the “norm”, they more aligned with that of propecia users. All lab work was showing elevated progesterone, which by it’s very nature blocks DHT/E2 and while labs remain normal, at a receptor level the impact of the hormones is not being expressed. On that note, a lot of research relating to varicoceles mentions alternations in the progesterone/E2 enzymes in response to the body “dealing” with varicocele. My concern at this stage is that HCG might be stimulating those enzymes more and leading to further issues.

I think at this stage, switching to 30mg of testosterone EOD and 100IU of HCG may help reduce the progesterone/E2 and increase free testosterone. Just wondering if anyone experienced anything similar to be honest.

The lab forgot to do free testosterone, though I have since followed up with them and asked for that to be performed.

PGR is a good thing, it is the WD 40 for your arteries :slight_smile:

I agree, it has a lot of benefits the only downside is it blocks DHT resulting in zero libido and ED issues. I wonder if simply raising my DHT via more testosterone would help with this situation?

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Increase it a little and find out.

Really? I did not know that, usually Prolactin is the culprit in very low libido.

@increasemyt - High prolactin, low prolactin or both?

High Prolactin, it is the hormone that is secreted, after you “finish”. So you feel sleepy, hungry and no sex drive.

Usually Prolactin will not get out of control unless you let estradiol get out of control first.

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