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How to Deal with Hcg-Induced E2?

I agree with iron that at a reasonable dose it shouldn’t be a problem.

I still thinks its 100% unnecessary for a blast and even more so for a tren blast.

Let me just say that my beliefs about controlling estrogen on a tren cycle are not proven facts as far as i know. There is a lot of information out there that leans towards lower or “in range” E2 helps prevent tren sides and tren induced gyno thru keeping the prolactin issues in check. I don’t know how much of it is bro science and how much of it is facts. As I said when I researched it and when people explained it to me it’s makes sense to me which is why I went with low test high tren and decided to use aromasin before the start to lower my E2 a bit I havent had the need to dose an AI again sense starting cycle at 200test p and 350-400tren a a week. I’m also experiencing hardly any negative physical sides. This all comes back to why I personally would never use hcg on a tren cycle it goes against my belief of controlling estrogen to lower sides. It would just cause me to have to monitor things more closely. I personally have no idea how my body metabolizes hcg (iv never used it) I don’t know if 500 twice a week will spike my E2 a lot or just a little. And I’m not trying to find out right now.

At the end of the day everyones body is different. There is a guy here who swears by high test low tren that’s what works for him. I decided to take this route and it’s working ridiculously well for me. There is no real right or wrong answer with this. I’m simply giving you my experience and opinion it’s up to you to take in all the information from the interwebs and make an informed decision to what makes sense to you.


@zeek1414 @iron_yuppie thanks lads

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