How to Cycle wsb-DE Cycles ???


I was talking about this with some guys in the gym and wanted to get some opinion from somebody who has more experience with wsb templates.

Which is the better way to cycle for example bench DE cycles or doesn’t it matter at all:

Cycle 1,2,3: Exercise a,b,c / Straight Weight
Cycle 4,5,6: Exercise a,b,c / Chains
Cycle 7,8,9: Exercise a,b,c / Bands


Cycle 1: Exercise a / Straight Weight
Cycle 2: Exercise a / Chains
Cycle 3: Exercise a / Bands
Cycle 4: Exercise b / Straight Weight

I hope anyone can at least guess what I am trying to ask ^^

Thanks for any input!

You’re going to have to clarify. How long is each cycle? Why are their different exercises? DE bench is typically a full range BP with the only difference being the addition of bands or chains.
Most people tend to do their DE bench in three week cycles. For example, 3 weeks with chains then 3 weeks with bands then 3 weeks of straight weight, etc… I’m not sure if that answers your question or not.

I think the “text book” answer is to typically run bands for no longer than 3 weeks because they kick your CNS’ ass then swith to straight weight and or use chains.

Speed squats- always to a box that is at or below parallel and always accommodate resistance (bands or chains or both)

Speed Pulls- Always do singles

Speed-Strength cycle for squatting (singles for deadlifting):
Week 1: 50%+bands-8x3
Week 2: 55%+bands-8x3
Week 3: 60%+bands-8x3
Week 4: 50%-no bands-5x2

Next cycle use chain

This is about as basic as it can get for a westside speed cycle without taking into account strength-speed or circa max work.