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How to Cycle Workload?

Right Now I’m doing a Pavel routine:

Basically, I start off with 67% of my one rep max and I’ll do one set of five a day. From monday to friday, adding 5 pounds per workout. When I reach my five rep max (155) I’ll then switch to a ladder routine for every other day for two weeks and perform sets of 1-2-3 until my form becomes shabby. Afterwards, I’ll take 10pounds off my 5 rep max (145) and resume to the linear add 5 pounds a day. When the 5 rep set gets tough, I’ll take two days off, and then max out.

Routine Link: http://stronglifts.com/forum/a-ptp-ladder-hybrid-to-jumpstart-your-bench-t8619.html

1st Session:
BP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZHW_wLzg7Y
1-2-3 ladder x 5 with 155pounds :Total 4650

1-2-3 ladders x 6 with 155 pounds, weight felt a bit unstable on the last ladder set :Total 5580

1-2-3 ladders x6 (5 of them with 160, 1 with 155): Total 5730


1-2-3 ladders x 7 with 160 pounds :Total 6720

For my next workout, should I add one more bench ladder to make the total volume 7680 or should I add 5 pounds to my weight to make it 6930?

I have no idea how to cycle my workload, keep in mind the routine has me benching every other day for two weeks. I know its an insanely high frequency, but I’m willing to give it a shot.


You then switch back to Pavel’s routine and cycle the two different programs.