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How to Cycle Winstrol and Test E?

i was looking to do my first steroid cycle. i am looking to mostly lose my fat and gain strength. i was doing alot of research online and planned on doing winstrol tabs and then test E at 400mg per week, at 200mg twice a week.

so week 1-2 Winstrol 50mg per day
Week 3 Wintrol 60mg per day
Week 4 70mg per day
Week 5-6 50mg per day

Test E Week 1-6 400mg total per week, in two injections at 200mg.

PCT- Nolvadex 40mg per day, Week 7-10

So will this combination reach my goals as far as strength and fat loss? should i be at a calorie deficit or surplus? Does this cycle sound good, is there other drugs you would recomend to add or switch? is there a better way to take the winstrol?

This is my first cycle, looking for any and all positive and negative feedback.

21, 235 pounds, roughly 16-18% body fat. 5’9.


ok you dont have to be obnoxious im trying to learn. you dont want to be helpful dont bother commenting

can i add Clen and Cytomel in with this?

Since this is your first cycle I would run test alone. With an AI and then PCT 4-6 weeks after your cycle. Also would run the test at 500mg a week broken up into 2 pins Monday and Thursday. Also I would run this cycle for more than 6 weeks. Don’t go crazy with compounds and don’t get upset when dudes shit on you. Have to research. A lot.


You are 21 and at a decently high bodyfat%. I think you should take time and work naturally to reach your goals. Don’t bother with gear until you can get your diet and training consistent and on point… Please don’t say that they are, because I know they are not. Take time and do it right, then maybe look at AAS down the road. You have quite a ways to go until you should run gear. Losing fat and gaining strength come with consistency and brilliance in the basics. I think you need to learn more about how your body works before you introduce compounds… Usually, I just shit on people as young as you who want to run gear. But you are not ready.


I agree. At your age and I assume level of experience (because of your age) you don’t need gear. You’ve got what many of the rest of us don’t have going for you – youth.

You seem to know a little about AAS and PCT, but you should study more. You should also know about AI’s and the benefits of HCG. You don’t want to make a mistake with hormones, especially if you’re young and want to have kids someday.

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Diddo, gents, on the last 3 comments…

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