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how to cycle supplements

I plan on starting a new workout program and i have the weight training portion down but what i need are tips on how to eat and how to cycle my supplemetns. The supplements i am going to take are M-anit estrogen, mag 10, methoxy-7, myostat, red kat, tribex, and zma. My question is can i skip taking some of these are can i take them all? Which supplements should i take together, for how long, and what should i eat? Thanks for your help.


Search engine.

what was your plan when you bought this stuff?

my plan was to put on size…after searching some of the articles i have kind of devised how i will eat…but the supplements are still a little cloudy. So far I have come up with: cycle 1, mag-10, surge, and zma. Cycle 2, tribex, surge, m, methoxy-7, myostat, redkat, and zma. Does this look right to you and what changes would you make?

You probably don’t need to take all the supps at once, as it would most likely end up as a waste of money. Check out the Massive Eating article by John Berardi. The Myostat is useless, probably the onle useless product that Biotest produces, but whatever. I didn’t see Surge on your list, get some of that. Other than that, the search engine is your best bet. You can also look at the Growth Surge Project article and maybe the Mag-10 roundtable.

Geez, that’s alot of supplements to be taking when you don’t even know what to eat in the first place.

Read the FAQ. Also read the following article: “Heirarchy of Needs” by Chris Shugart.

Get your diet in order FIRST. Once doing that, you’ll probably find that you don’t need to turn to a whole counter full of supplements and save some money for the number one item on anyone’s list (when the goal is to gain LBM): FOOD.

You can take the myostat and zma with all but you should take the M & tribex or red kat after using the Mag-10. You should really research each product before taking so you don’t waste your money.