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How to Cycle M

Bill, I take Tribex four weeks on and one week off. I recently started taking M with Tribex. Should M be cycled? And if so, should it be cycled to coincide with my Tribex cycle by taking M and Tribex four weeks on and one week off?

I would cycle them and your plan sounds like
an entirely reasonable one.

i got the impression that M didn’t have to be cycled. i am pretty sure that i remember reading somewhere that M is one of those things that if you can afford it you should take year round everyday like a multivitamin. don’t know. can’t hurt to cycle it though. if bill says cycle it than i would cycle it.

It’s not as if there’s anything in there
that would be harmful to take all the time,
by any means. If someone feels that they
definitely do better on M than without,
I’d have no objection to their using it
all the time. My saying I’d cycle
it is because I’m viewing in the context
of cycling with products that need to
be cycled (e.g., androgens.)

If someone instead is looking for one
or two products they like using all the
time (e.g., how I like to use Surge and
Ribose-C with all workouts), that could be a different situation.