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How to Cycle Clenbuterol?

Whats the best and safe way to cycle clen i have 40mcg 100tabs

1)Be sure that you have been in a caloric deficit for 3-6 months with no cheats and “falling off the wagon”.
2)Be sure you are doing at least 7 hours of cardio a week.
Now when you are almost stage ready, and nothing else works, and you need those extra 5% of fatloss to get rid of the very last pound of fat :

Start with 20mcg a day and up it 10mcg every day till you reach the level of side effects you are willing to tolerate the most and stay on that dose for 14 days. Then come off for 14 days, and repeat the process up until show day.

I will say again that unless you are already super shredded, dont use clen as it wont do shit for you, cuz apparently you dont know much about fatloss, and you just risk a heart attack for no potential benefit.

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