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How to cut with D-bol?

Ok, im asking on behalf of my friend( oh yeah sure…nah, really though). He?s dieting with a “semi”-low carb approach, pretty low calories around 1700-1800, and he?s 185lbs. Already pretty good shape though but he wants to get very lean I guess. Anyway, he is going to throw in 10mg Dbol ED to stop catabolism…but isn?t this going to make water retention an issue?? Even at low dose? Can he use nolvadex( the only anti-e he got availabe) to eliminate water retention?

sounds like a plan. id up the dosage to 20-30mg per day however.

Here’s what to do. Use the nolvadex, 20-30 mg/day of d-bol, and the 1700 - 1800 calories should come from 90% protein (chicken, tuna, egg whites, etc). The combination of very low carb and the nolvadex will allow hardly any water retention.

Also, read Cy Willson’s article called “Steroid Dieting.” This program is simply outstanding!

I honestly don’t believe that at such low dosage you could retain much water at all. I’ve done 50mg daily (refi B) before I moved to the States and I really didn’t retain that much water actually I was pretty cut, my face puffed a bit but I was also doing 250mg equipoise a week and a gram sust 250 a week. As an antiestrogen I used Serophene (clomiphene citrate) which I believe works wonders. But for what you’re looking for or what you’re doing i’d bring up the dose to at least 25 mg a day and throw in a natural diuretic.

On 30mg dbol/day I get blown up like crazy. My mother referred to me as moon-face and the like.

From now on, I wont do more than 20mg dbol/day in my cycles.

Every one reacts differently to these drugs. I unfortunately get blown up with water as well. The best plan is what Ten-man said - cut your carbs, and limit your salt intake.