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How to Cut Water for 2-Hour Weigh-In?


Hey guys, I’m competing Sunday as a 105kg (231) and I just weighed in as 238.4. This isn’t too much over my weight class but it is still more than 5 pounds. Can anyone help me cut down the respective 7.4 pounds to make my weight class? Is there like a template you guys use or something? Also, I live in Queens New York and the meet is in New Jeresey. I was thinking on the way there to wear a sweatshirt blast the heater and spit in a cup, like Stan Efferding does. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Your a heavier guy but I still wouldn’t recommend that much weight for a 2 hour weigh in


really? I don’t want to compete for 264 because I’m trying to go nationals as a 105er.


I’m not saying you can’t just I wouldn’t. You’d probably want to diet down into the class over time. I recently completed and though I wasnt cutting weight I didn’t really try to gain any and came in about 3 lbs light and wasn’t effects at all. That was at 181 you a bit heavier so may be able to do the same with about 5 lbs. But I think any more will hurt you.


ill try and make the cut after the meet, i will eat a lot cleaner.


Only make slight changes in the diet and have a gradual drop. That way you keep strength possibly still gain and drop weight nice and slow




Where’s the meet? I live in nj


USAPL Iron Gobbler


Dam it’s a decent drive from me


how far? Im from queens new york so its a hell of a drive for me.


Just over an hour