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How to Cut Up at 45


I'm 45 years old and I'm 5'7 and 195 lbs, I would like to cut up at around 180 or 175 lbs. I don't do any cardio now, should I just add cardio. Or should I cut back on the food, and what foods should I avoid. I don't eat junk food. And how much cardio should I do, and should I keep my weight training the same.


What does your training look like now? Simplest way is to eliiminate carbs after say 5 p.m. and walk 2 miles every morning.


Should I add supersets to my program.


Assuming you don't have any major health problems, you cut just like a younger guy. I would start with low-intensity cardio on off lifting days if possible. If not, do cardio after lifting. As for diet start by cutting down on carbs and replacing them with protein. Consume your carbs early in the day and around weight training and eat the fats seperate and later in the day. These changes are pretty gereric and easy to implement, so try them first and then if that doesn't work you can get more precise.


Need alot more info before advice would be given.

How long training?
How strong are you on your lifts? (gives idea how to set up template)
Rough estimate of bf%
How do you train?
How serious are you ? (would you pay for advice)
What is the macro breakdown on the food your eating ?
Any injuries hampering your training ?