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How to Cut Down Tire Flip Time?


I need help from you guys regarding my tire flips.

My country's strongman contest needs me to flip a 250kg tire over 20m which is around 10 flips.

The 2006 winner did the 10 flips in around 36 seconds.You can view it here.

So I decided to time my 10 flips today-I did it in 41 seconds.

You can view my vid here.

Any suggestions to cut my timing and improve my technique?



You're talking about a time difference of only 5 seconds, so I think you're on the right track. Just make sure that you attack the tire with everything and don't let up until you're done. The only major difference I saw in the two videos was that you pace was somewhat less aggressive than the 2006 winner, but I'd save that kind of aggression for the show iteself. Looking good and good luck.


your technique looks fine. there are probably two limiting factors to your time at that weight; your strength level and strength endurance. you were a bit slow (comparatively) coming off the ground to the transition with your knee/push phase. your 5 seconds can probably be found there. endurance looks decent b/c i don't think you appreciably slowed toward the end. so i'd say strength.

best of luck,



One thing you might try is using a clean technique. With a clean you would lift up as high as possible in one motion and then drop quickly and be able to push with both legs as opposed to one leg and a one knee lift. For this weight of tire I think it could be effective assuming you get the technique down. I've seen some lifters use this very effectively.

Also another way to improve overall speed might be to train single lifts as explosive as possible with short rests. Then over time start linking reps together so if you need to do 12 flips you start with 12 singles with 15 seconds rest. Then over time go to 6 doubles with same rest, 4 triple, etc.

Good luck


not sure if what im going to say is valid by any means but your grip looked pretty wide, making you drop your whole body down a bit, if you put your hands closer together you could start with your torso higher

good luck


I agree with Steve. If you could throw the weight up instead of pausing to switch grips that would help. Also using a narrower grip (like has already been suggested) would make that easier.


Keep your grip wider helps with grip as you can push your chest into the tire, it also lets you get the tire up higher to push over.

One bit of advice I got from a pretty damn good tire flipper.

Keep your hands on the tire at all times, when you flip it over slide your hands down to the now bottom of tire. This keeps the tire under control by it not bouncing randomly and off to the side.

This also saves you time from having to reset yourself and drop down to flip the tire again. As you are already low and can transition to another flip quickly.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the input so far.

By the way,how do you train tire flips?

Recently,I have been doing 4 sets of 10 untimed.

Anyway,5 seconds is a huge difference man!
It could mean the difference between me coming in the top 10(hence qualifying for the finals) and being KOed.

The three events contested in the qualifiers are

250kg tire flips over 20m
75kg farmer's walks over 20m
4.5 ton vehicle pull as far a distance as possible

I know I won't do so well in the vehicle pull,so I have to get as high a score as possible for the other two events!


Believe me, I know how big 5 seconds can be! Hell, even half a second can mean the difference between qualifying and not. The point tht I was trying to make was that you're not that far behind, and still have time to get better.

If you were 30 seconds slower I would be worried. You also obviously weren't going balls-out like the other guy in the video was. Just keep training hard, then give it your all on contest day and you'll get it.


I watched the 2006 contest video again and realised that the winner had his hands on the tire ALL THE TIME,he was also never fully upright,consequently,he was always ready to assume the 3 point stance position.

On the other time,if you study the bald competitor who was flipping beside him,the baldie stood up and waited for the tire to drop on the floor before assuming the 3 point stance again.

I am sure,the baldie is a good 5 seconds behind the winner coz of this.

It is tiny details like this which can decide whether you are 2nd or champion.


i second the clean technique. The tire looks light, dont bother using your knee, that will add unwanted time. Also when the tire is at the top, push it down as hard as you can, it will skip a few more inches. If you push it down hard enough every flip you may only have to flip it 9 times rather than 10...thus cutting down ur time. These techniques were taught to me by 2 pros...Don Pope and Ron Slusarski