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How to Cut Down if You are Doing Starting Strength?


if your doing starting strength and notice that you are starting to get a belly how would you cut down but without using light weight and high reps?because i dont want to lose the strength and lift less after the cut.


I hope you're not trolling. You should prob stick with the program until it stops working, then go from there. The program should not change, the only thing that changes is the amount of calories you eat. Chances are if you're doing starting strength, cutting down should not be the priority at this point.


If you've read the book, Mark says that you can loose fat or gain muscle on this program depending on your goal. Go read it again.

But I agree with Elano, just keep going till strength gain stalls, and take it from there.



What? Monitor your diet and keep on doing what your doing, throw in some cardio as necessary. OH WEE, I'm a guru too now!


If the fat gain is really bothering you drop the cals by 300 or so a day for the next week and reevaluate where you are at


I agree, I would not however drop those calories in protein. Lose some of the fat or carbs.


But you missed your opportunity, you could have sold that advice and now look what you've gone and done, given it away for free.....


do people just skip the beginners section these days?


Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder


..but nobody wanna ..............umm, I forget now-a-days how that goes.......................................hold on, nobody wants to lift 405lbs on a bench press, nobody wants to get bit of a stomach, nobody wants to be told that just using your bodyweight isn't good enough......


but nobody wanna lift some heavy ass weights!


lol i was just asking this quistion because by the end of this program i dont want to end up some out of shape fat guy that can deadlift 600 pounds but cant run more then 8 downs in football.


You mean a lineman?


Or that eating less than 1200kcals isn't the only way of getting lean. Play with the balls.


i dont know i seen alot of lean lineman there like 260-270 but dont got a belly hanging out of there jersey.but ofcoarse there is more fat ones.


umm...yeah. This whole thread belongs in the beginner's forum.


Dude, one day you will realize that it's okay to be a little fat if you can deadlift 600lbs. Strength is more important. Plus, you can easily loose 50lbs in less than a year, but you aren't going to gain 50lbs of muscle in that amount of time, nor will you gain that much fat if you keep your diet in check and train balls to the wall when you need to. I would be very happy to weigh 260 with 20% bodyfat if I could pull 600.


Different strokes for different folks, my friend.

Nothing wrong with trying to keep bf in check, nothing wrong with going to the 9's.


you probably have never been full all day so you think that youve gained fat when in reality the increase in belly size is due to all the food that is in there.


reduce your carbs a little, go for a walk, be more active away from the gym etc. don't stray from the program. ther is no reason to lose strength while shifting a bit of flab.
monitor your progress and make adjustments as you go.