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How to Cut Down 30 Pounds?

Hi guys,

I have been training for year and a half, due to some unexpected circunstances I had to cut training for something like 4 months, after that, when i was planning a return I broke my wrist and this has lead me almost another three months on the ditch. The result of this has been an extra 30 pounds on my frame. I’m 5’7, and weighting 195. A bf of something around 20-25%.

I want to lean out to 165 and somewhere near 13-15% bf, but I know cutting down 30 pounds is gonna be hard, and in all honesty, cutting for 3 months in a row while still training sucks, much more considering that I have a very physical demanding job. I have been there before and the training sessions were demoralizing.

So what i’m planning to do is bulking 5-6 pounds during 6 weeks and then for another 6 weeks loose 12-13 pounds. I know that this will require some good calorie calculations but i’m pretty ready to take the challenge. Besides, I think this will lead to me some muscle gains and when i’m finally near the 165 goal I will look very different to what I would look now, instead of just looking thin If I loose those 30 pounds straight, much more considering that i’m not packing much muscle. Of course, the negative side is the commitment required, since this bulking/cutting cycle would take me somewhere near a year to do it instead of just 3 months of cutting.

I have been training using 5/3/1 and my plan would be to do a high volume template such as BBB or 5/3/1 for bodybuilders while doing the bulk and some lower volume 5/3/1 template such as triumvirate while doing the cutting to help keeping muscle and strength.

Questions are. Has anybody done something similar before? I’m a just crazy and will fuck up my hormones and will just lead me to a state where I gain muscle just to loose it again and after 10 months all I will have is just a thinner version of myself?

Is the training well thought? Perhaps I should consider using other type of training?


You should:

  1. Just start.
  2. Decide on a actual goal. 6 weeks of “bulking” and 6 weeks of “cutting” is a recipe for disaster.
  3. Once, said goal has been established, go all out for 6 months minimum. No deviation. You get hurt, work around it.
  4. Your mantra for the next 6 months: There are no short cuts.
  5. Get your diet is check. Yes, it sucks, no, you are not eating clean.

Good luck

1- ok.

2- Goal has been stablished and stated. Cut 30 pounds. Ok if you don’t like what i’m saying about the bulking/cutting cycles but a more through out explanation of why would be great. If you want, obviously. And alternative would be awesome.

3- Ok, goal stablished and stated.

4- Ok.

5- Ok.


Goal has not been established. You have to be more specific.

This is one of many articles on goal setting.

Saying that

is self defeating. Yes, it is hard, but very much doable in an enjoyable way.

5/3/1 is a great program, but not in line with what you are trying to accomplish. I personally recommend Chad Waterbury’s work outs. 3 days a week would work great with your schedule and your job.

Mini bulks and cutting cycles don’t work. It has been discussed here on this site many times. Someone with a bunch of bookmarks could list them for you or you could make a search. The jist of my message is to stop looking at the short picture. Think long term.

Thinking “recomp”, instead of bulking and cutting, is an easier way at looking at what you are trying to do.

As far as diet goes, lots of rules of thumb out there. Just start eating clean, learn to cook (if you don’t already) and make small adjustments as needed. Again, lots of articles here to get you going.

Good luck

I agree with JFG. If your goal is to lose 30 lbs, then obviously don’t bulk. A mid- to longterm recomp is probably the best way to go.

The other option is go for all-out rapid fat loss. You will likely lose some LBM, though.