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How to Cure Quadricep and Tricep Tendinitis?

Hey guys. First time here

So it’s my 2nd month of beginners PPL from the r/fitness subreddit in Reddit. I was doing dips (first time doing dips BW. I previously just did the Dip machine) and then all of a sudden my elbows got fucked (now I learned it was my Tricep tendons and not really my elbows). I went to do a set of Pushdowns, but I just couldn’t. Happened 2 weeks ago.

Now my legs. I started feeling it after I got trucked in gym class and landed hard on my knee, but I would’ve thought that my injury would be because I’d over stretching and straining of the tendon. I also felt a lot of pain in trap bar deadlifts (never doing those again). This happened about 1.5 weeks ago

I’m not convinced that this was a build up from previous workouts and trying to go heavier than I can because it started after trying out new excersises. Not just going mindlessly heavy on ones I already do.

I’ve been out for about a week now. I went yesterday thinking my pain was gone, but to be safe I deloaded, but nope. Not gone yet :confused: Any further solutions?

Stats: age: 15 weight: 105 lbs (I am bulking don’t worry!!!) height: 5’4"

Bench: 80 lbs (started late cause i liked DB bench more. Now I actually like BB a lot more lol)

Squat: 85 lbs (started late cause my form was fucked before I got some training from fellow gym members)

Deadlift: 145 lbs