How to Cure Folliculitis Caused by Sustanon Cycle?

I have done Sustanon only (2x250 mg per week) cycle between 02.02.2019 and 24.04.2019 (12 weeks) and Folliculitis is the only worths to mention bad side effect I have gotten

PCT has ended in June

I have waited 3 weeks after cycle ended and did 40/40/20/20 Nolvadex PCT

during cycle I have used Arimidex and HCG and nothing else

I believe Folliculitis have appeared during cycle but i have noticed it after PCT has ended when I have shaved my chest to see what was causing the itchiness

This is the picture of my Folliculitis in my chest area folliculade.png - Google Drive

My doctor has prescribed me KLACID MR 500 mg and then TETRADOX 100 mg

However, i see that KLACID is an extreme strong drug and has lots of side effects

So are there any other way to get rid of Folliculitis in my chest area?

It is not very bad but I would like to get rid of it

So I am waiting your experiences and suggestions

Thank you

It should disappear of its own accord between cycles.

High testosterone cycles are usually the cause. It can be reduced by taking less testosterone and substituting with lower androgenic steroids, like EQ, or deca(deca can have other issues).

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Well it has been several months and still remaining

I haven’t touched any exogenous testosterone or any other drug since PCT

If it’s a bacterial infection you will need antibiotics.

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Testosterone promotes body hair growth. Instead of regular acne, it could be due to ingrown hairs.
From your photo it doesn’t look like folliculitis to me, not even bad acne for that matter.

I would take the Dr prescribed drugs. You probably will only be on them for a couple of weeks, and you probably won’t get any bad side effects anyway(If you develop serious side effects,you need to contact a Dr immediately).
That will tell you if its bacterial in origin. If it doesn’t clear up the only other cause I can think is fungal infection. I would see what your Dr recommends if that is the case.

ye my body hair have also been increased but i do not think it is ingrown hairs because it has been several months

seems like only way is taking the prescribed drugs

i wondered if any cream or something could work too