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How to cure cluteus maximus imbalance?

After having a major hip surgury as a
kid I am since having an major imbalance in gluteus maximus size.
Now I?m 35.
I tried to put more force on my week
leg during my normal leg workouts
I almost caught up regarding size of
quads and harms, but cluteus maximus
is still lacking size big time.
Can anybody recommend exercises especially for cluteus maximus or give
some helpfull advice?

Greetings from Europe

King Deadlifts would be first on my list. Basically it’s just a one legged straight leg deadlift with d-bells.

You might also check to see if your gym has a machine that allows for unilateral hip extension or hook yourself up to the cable tower.


Maybe you need to isolate the glutes? Try a reverse hyperextension with the one leg. There are variations of this. Obviously with a straight leg the lever arm is longer and therefore harder to perform than if you use a bent leg. You could also do exercises such as the superman on a swiss ball. The glutes not firing properly is a common problem and means that much of the stress will go into the low back instead of the glutes. This will lead to injury.

Try Cook Hip Lifts…lie on your back, knees flexed, feet flat on floor. Pull one leg toward your chest and try to hold it there (it helps to put something like a tennis ball between your leg and rib cage so you have some feedback). Drive the other foot into the ground and bridge up using your glutes. Do not let the leg come away from the chest. By keeping on leg flexed to your chest you are forced to use hip ext. instead of back ext. Keep every thing lined up and don’t let your body shift all over the place. This exercise can show if the glutes are firing properly and if there is tightness in the hip flexor region. If the hamstrings cramp, the glutes aren’t working properly and other corrective exercises need to be used.


where did you find the Cook Hip Lifts??

my hams tightened after 4 reps

pretty sure I did them right

PM if you respond thanx

box lunges hit my glutes pretty hard

I mainly find lunges, sumo deadlifts, and DB swings to really work my ass hard (not that way…).

Anyways, there’s an article about this right here on T-mag. Do you good to check it out!