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How to Create Your Own Training and Nutrition Program?


Hello everyone.
I’m 21 years old and i’ve been training for 3,5 years now. I’ve made some pretty good progress so far but 2,5 years ago I got a herniated disc in my lower back and it has limited me in my training. I can’t do basic exercises such as deadlifts,squats etc. But i’ve worked around a lot of things. For example i do lunges, leg press, hip thrusts, kettlebell goblet squats etc. I still have pain every now and then but it has got better since i first got it. I’ve always done some sort of routine such as push pull leg, upper lower but nothing structured, periodized or anything like that. Also I don’t know too much about nutrition, or at least as much as i should know. I would like to know if someone could suggest me some resources, books, websites or anything, for creating my own training and nutrition program and learn more about how to do it on my own.


I honestly suggest finding someone with similar goals to you, and check out their own journey through youtube, social media, instagram, or even follow a few threads on here! It has honestly worked wonders for me.

The threads on here have a crazy amount of free information from everyone from pro bodybuilders to record setting powerlifters. Just stroll around.

As for nutrition, there are obviously a billion different opinions on shit, but its honestly not that hard. I would find the T-Nation article “The Simple Diet” extremely easy rules to follow that will put you on the path to A). find what works for you and B). have a set of rules to get your nutrition in order. I know from experience that it works.


I herniated two discs last year and my PT has helped me progress to trap bar and Romanian deadlifts and front squats, with the aim of moving onto more compressive exercises. However I have no desire to back squat with a bar (I prefer safety bar) or regular DL ever again as I shit canned those some time ago. Well I might go back to back squats sometime but regular deads were canned years ago.

With the right PT you might be able to do things you once thought were contraindicated. I’m not advising you on anything, but it’s a thought.


That’s very interesting. I also believe a right PT will help you work around injruries and even help you heal up in the process. I paid a guy at my gym that works there to make a training program for me. I told him about my back injury but he insisted on doing dumbell stiff leg deadlifts, squats, back extensions etc. and my back pain is worse now. He becomes very agitated when i tell him about my back pain and if we can work around it but he refuses any change and becomes upset blaming me for my injury ( which was my fault as i herniated my disc by doing squats incorrectly) , but he doesn’t guide me or suggest me something that is not painful to my back. I’ve been following his program for one month now but my back pain is worse than ever.


Then he obviously sucks! Stop dealing with him.