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How to Correctly Have Cheat Meal


Ok..Tuesday is National Pancake day at IHOP,and I have lost a lot of weight since I started cutting. Me and my friends see this day as a Holiday and we never miss this day,and althought I am cutting weight, I am NOT going to miss this meal.

I am going to admit,Ive never correctly completed a cheat day or cheat meal... I either over do it or super over do it. So I want to get it right this time. I want to enjoy my pancakes but I want some benefit in it as well.

So I am going to Super Low carb it today,and Monday..Then tuesday I have three workouts planned because of my practices and weights..

This is how my tuesday looks.
5:20 am-4 mile Run
6:20 am- 25 minutes of Cardio
School from 8am to 10:45 am
11:30-12:45pm- Taekwondo Training/Conditioning
7:00pm-8:15pm-Taekwondo Training
11:00pm- Weight Room-Squatting,Benching,RDL,maybe some small cardio.

I just want to know what you guys would so nutritionally and anything else u can tell me..Thank you.


Just three workouts? "Small" cardio after your weight lifting????? Dude, you obviously don't have the commitment to go on a cutting diet. Just give up.


Are you dieting for a contest?

If not just fucking enjoy it and don't think too much. It's ONE MEAL.


What you should do is take the food, put it in your mouth, perhaps chewing it a bit, then swallow and digest.


Its Colliegiate Nationals for Taekwondo. Tuesday would put me about 6 weeks out from weigh in(April 9th). I want to be under my weight division (163). I am about 170 now.


Assuming this isn't a troll, I can speak competently here: just eat your meal and don't worry about it. When I was getting my weight down for a marathon a couple of years back, I would have cheats like these periodically. At first, I would weigh myself the next day and basically bemoan my mistake: "What the heck??? I gained 5 pounds!!!" Don't do that. 3500 cals makes up a pound of fat. When you weigh yourself after the meal, you'll probably see a huge increase in weight. Don't worry about that and do some crash dieting afterwards--with carb-heavy cheats, your body will retain a lot of water in the short term.

Concentrate on your training.


I appreciate bro. I just didnt want to over do it...The day is long enough but I honestly dont want to blow my diet with the meal ya know.


I would do some kind of minimal break, 30 min long, interval, metcon type workout before hand to try and drain glyco storage and then pounce on the meal. After I would probably fast for a while and do a fasted cardio session to drain the sugar and mobilize storages. Others are right though, its one meal. It might even do you some good performance wise. Maybe go in the next day and try and PR on something heavy.


I've had cheat days where I've eaten:
two large pizzas
a pint of ice cream
a box of cereal
A box of wheat thins
And a 12 inch sub

Granted I'm not very lean right now, but I'm still making progress.


Jesus, you best be 5'4". Or a woman...




Do you really need to work out at 11pm? You'd be much better off getting some sleep to facilitate recovery.


Ha, I think we all moved immediately from how absurd his scheduled day is straight to how inconsequential one meal is during a prep.


Dre be nice man it aint his fault.


You should be able to make weight now pretty easily just through water manipulation.



As mentioned already, its just one meal and you should easily be able to make that weight in 6 weeks. Easily.


First of all, enjoy your cheat meal... if you are dieting for couple weeks now, chances are that your metabolisme is slowing down. it's a natural response for the lower calories intake. The cheat meal or the suddent peak in calories intake will force your body to speed up a bit too burn those extra calories... Also i believe that it will have a mental positive effect, see it as a reward for your hard work, take time to enjoy every bites and really taste it!

But if you don't want to feel guilty about it, you could do some HIIT cardio session the week before, this will help to boost up different system inside your body.

Don't forget to go back on track with your diet after your cheat meal...

Enjoy it!