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How to: Cook Chicken Breasts (Boneless)


All right, so i know there is a topic on this already but i have a lot of pictures so i figured i'd make my own thread.

This recipe is one that makes some awesome chicken through brining and BBQ basting. I made this chicken today after everyone started talking about it because it made me crave some haha. All right, here we go:

WARNING: I realize i used a lot of images, but i think images are better than walls of text describing what i'm trying to do here. Also this makes things easier on me.

First off, defrost the chicken if necessary. I find the easiest way to do it is in the sink with warm water, not hot.


To make the brine you need the following:
- .5 Cup KOSHER salt
.25 Cup Table salt

  • .5 Cup Sugar

The brine is what is going to keep the chicken difficult to make dry by adding a good bit of moisture. The brine also adds a good bit of flavor to the chicken so no real spices are required.


Next we Mix kosher salt/Table salt with sugar and 1 quart of water

Shake/Stir until all salt and sugar are dissolved. (In a ziploc bag/ OR a large bowl)


For boneless chicken breast, soak for 30 minutes. Soak Chicken with bones for an hour.

(With the exception of a whole chicken, which you brine for an hour per pound) <- This gets more complicated so you may want to look elsewhere for directions for this stuff.

-If using a ziploc bag, make sure all of the chicken is fully submerged in the brine. The easiest way to do this is to get all the air out of the bag before closing it.

-If using a bowl, make sure there is enough room for all of the chicken to be submerged, if not, make another brine.


After the chicken is done soaking, some choose to add some brand of chicken seasoning. I choose not to, because the main ingredient is usually salt and we don't want our chicken too salty.

But if you really want to add some spices, you can add black pepper, which is only for taste and is not required.


All right, the prep work is done and we need to heat up the grill. If your new to grilling in general, all you really have to do is cover the bottom of the grill with charcoal. I use a cool little tool called a charcoal chute or.. something like that. It heats up all of the coals without having to use any chemicals to get the fire started by using paper instead.


Once the coals are lit and have been warming up for about 30 minutes they should look something like this

(You don't have to use as many coals as i did, but i was also BBQin' some pork earlier in the day and some of those coals were dead)


After the chicken is done brining, you will need to take the chicken out of the bag/bowl, pat it down with a paper towel.


Now place the meat onto the gril into a form somewhat like this. Since chicken is a more delicate meat (More so than something like steak) it needs to be cooked evenly through out for a longer time.


Now all we really need to do is cook the meat on about 3 minutes per side, basting the side that was just cooked and repeating about 3-4 times. When i did this, i flipped the chicken a total of 4 times and basted the bbq 3 times.


Finally.. your going to have some very juicy chicken! FOOD PORN ALERT!!!


And after about an hours worth of work, here is your final product!


thank god, i never eat chicken because i dont know how to make it, whenever i make it, it comes out dry and terrible. What happens if one does not have a grill?


That looks SOOOOOOOOOOO good!


If you have access to a keg you have access to a grill. All you have to do is cut it in half.

BUT, you can always brine the chicken and pan fry it. Or you can brine the chicken and oven bake it. Either way, your chicken should taste better and be very juicy.


any chance of the basting recipe you use? cheers


That looks delicious. I myself cook a breast every day. I used the George Foreman grill, which takes 4 minutes, or grill it on the gas grill if weather permits. I usually marinade mine with Chipotle marinade, then freeze until use. Comes out plenty juicy.


I actually just use a sweet BBQ sauce. It's called Sonny's


^Link to the bottle.


by far the best BBQ sauce known to man, I like your style. Nice cooking!


so simple, so tasty. thank you