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How to Control Blood Pressure On Cycle?

Hi guys, again I’m in need of advice, going to see my doctor next monday but want to know what you guys think, ive been running this cycle for about 2 months 250mg sust eod and 100mg mast a eod and recently started taking 100mg Anavar ED split in 2 doses.
My blood pressure is 135/85, is this a concern? Dont have any bad symptoms or nothing i just mesure it when I can. I take magnesium, cla, fish oils, 1g vitC, beettoot excract, 90mg CoQ-10, zink, milk thristle, omega 3 6 9,5000iu D3 Every day. And inject b12/b9/b6 maybe once a week or once every 2 weeks. Is there anything else I can do to lower BP? My diet needs to be cleaner though I’m a sucker for fast food

Thank you


That is not very big pressure

I think tolerable during cycle

Could be worse. 250mg eod is a lot of test. How long are you going to cycle?

That BP is fine especially for what your taking. If you are really worried about it knock out the fast food that will cut down on your sodium which in theory will ultimately lower your BP.

Cialis will reduce your BP plus the other benefits

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Not really worried, especially not now. Been doing regular bloodwork of and on cycle just mesured and I’ve made a habit of when in doubt I ask here as well as my doctor. Thanks guys. But I’m planning on doing 2 more months on this cycle then Im gonna do the dr.scally restart protocol because I did one bad cycle few years ago which had a bad influence on my natural t production

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