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How to Condition?


Ok, I'll admit it. I tried Fat-to-Fire this morning, and it kicked my ass twenty minutes into it. My conditioning sucks. So here's the question: Is it better to do a conditioning program like F2F, or to stick to something like 5x5 and do rope work/running in addition, so that I can actually complete the conditioning program?

Or, does it even really matter?




I prefer a "Volumizing" conditioner alternated with judicious use of a "Shine Enhancing" conditioner. Always use the kind with added vitamin E. This is how you get luxurious locks like mine.

Seriously, I wouldn't go the 5x5 route with some "sets of Jump Rope thrown in". You know you're going to leave 'em off, "forget" them, etc. etc.

Better to face the music, bite the bullet--hell, swallow the goddamned bullet, and F2F it all the way to the bank. Even if you can't do all the sets, your conditioning will improve much, much faster, than if you just "throw in some sets" here and there.

Anyway. Just my opinon.



I agree with Dan on this, the added structure of F2F will help with conditioning far more than trying to add in work on 5X5. Those first few weeks are nearly impossible but you will adapt very quickly and by the third week it'll be a breeze.


Thanks for the advice guys... guess it's time to swallow the bullet!