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How to come off TRT

I’ve been wanting to try to come off Trt and I would like to hear if there’s any successful protocols for it? I can’t do hcg because I retain wayyy to much water and get a moon face. I’ve been on trt for about 10 months now. 200mg test cypionate [quote=“hernandez_e84, post:1, topic:248583, full:true”]
Hi guys, I’ve been on trt replacement for 3 months now. Dr put me on it after finding out my testosterone was at 270 because at some point my uneducated self tried test, deca, and tren but never did a PCT! I lost my libido and my energy levels dropped! Im 34 yrs old and im taking 200mg in 100mg doses. Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I started taking Arimidex (without a prescription because i was bloated and my sex drive sucked .25mg twice a week on the day of my shot. It worked a bit but my erections still not like they used to be but have bettered. I dont have any insurance anymore but i plan on checking my blood monday 11/12/18 so my question is… I will be testetiing for the following
• Test serum Estradiol/ sensitive
• Free testosterone
• total testosterone

Is that good? Or anything else that im missing that may help me to better understand the lack of morning wood and estradiol on my system



Having major medical ins can hurt you as much as help you since most docs that accept it don’t really know how to get you fine tuned.
There is lots of good to know blood values but if you are on a budget. If you already know your SHGB range I would not waste money on it.
At 200mg/wk I would add HCT to your blood test since there is a good chance your blood will get too thick over time and if you are donating blood I would add ferritin since it is easy to crash your ferritin if you donate too often.

Thanks fornthe reply. Im planning on doing it with https://www.discountedlabs.com
And I’ve also read that hcg may help with libido but raise estrogen too, but now that you mention hct, I looke it up and it makes sense for my blood pressure

I’m a fan of privatemdlabs myself. I don’t like nelson or his website.
I take 800iu of HCG /wk it does nothing for my libido. It keeps my balls hanging correctly with no pains and that is all it does for me. If it effects my E2 I don’t really notice it. I don’t take or need anastrozole my E2 runs between 24-32. If you all of a sudden have higher blood pressure elevated HCT could be a reason.

I saw that site on his page, but the guy is something else. So what do you recommend me to test for? I plan on going Tuesday now and donate blood on Monday because what you say makes aot of sense… Should I test for ultra sensitive estradiol or estrogen total

If I read you first post right you said you had no major medical ins I assumed you were on a budget and funds might be a little tight.
DO you already know your SHGB? Have you tested it before a couple times.
It usually stays in a range.
If you have never had an E2 sens test done and your protocol is stable it is worth doing at least once. It is expensive.
I have done many mid protocol change mini blood test for TT FT, E2 HCT.
I have high HCT issues and ferritin so I add them every time YMMV.
If cash is no issue do a full male hormone panel. Stuff like LDL can get worse on TRT.
If you’ve really got money to burn and not feel your best do a full thyroid panel. Having a tired thyroid happens a lot.

Well I am on a slight budget so I’ll just be testing. TT, FT,E2, HCT. I took my shot today at 10am. Test 100mg and .25mg Arimidex. Do you recommend me to take my blood work tomorrow or wait a few days?

You want to test right before your next scheduled injection which would be your tough or lowest point. I on the other hand inject everyday and doesn’t matter when I draw bloods.

My test came back in and I really appreciate if I can get some feedback.


•Hemoglobin:15.6 g/dl
•Hematocrit: 46.3 %
•Testosterone, Free+Total LC/MS: 1448 ng/dl
•Free Testosterone: 37.9 pg/ml
(Currently on 200mg testosterone cypionate
• TSH: 1.840 uIU/ml
• Prolactin: 14.0 ng/ml
•estradial sensetive (LC/MS/MS): 23.5 ph/ml

(Currently on .5mg of arimidex, .25mg on day of shot and that’s twice a week 200mg testosterone

I apologize hernandez this forum does an very bad job of notifying me when someone posts to a thread I have commented on. Or more than likely I just don’t understand how this forum software works I am use to vbulletin forums.
You don’t list the ranges so it is kind of hard to make good suggestions/comments but here’s a few. That prolactin is kind of high you might start noticing some itching in your nipples and you might not I like single digits. Usually anastrozole does a good job of bringing down E2 and prolactin your E2 looks great. You are lucky your HCT is so low if I took to 200mg/wk my HCT would be at 52% in 6-8 weeks. Keep and eye on it. As long as your HCT stays low you should really enjoy 200mg/wk. Don’t waste it get your a$$ to the gym.

No need for apologies, I barely understand this site myself lol.

Thanks for your response man. I read vitamin d3 is good to lower prolactin so I started yesterday taking 2,000 IU everyday.

As far as the gym, Im killing it bro!!! Even though Im leaning out (calorie deficit of 500 cals per day) I still feel the strength a lot, even at being at 200gms of carbs per day.

That is good to know I also take D3. Nothing wrong with getting lean and strong at the same time. I don’t really do the bulk and lean phases thing. I just bust my a$$ at the gym and eat as much good clean food as I can. It seems to work.

Good morning, I have a question and would like to know your opinion. Im thinking about trying hcg (ive been on trt for about 6 months now and my testicles are not really the sme anymore). So. My questions are.

  1. How much hcg should I start with (im on test cypionate 150mg per week) and i split that dose in two per week.
  2. Does hcg aromatize?
  3. Will it help or affect with ED?

HCG can absolutely aromatize, if it shoots estrogen high enough it can hurt erections and lower libido. Typical dosing is 250 EOD and 350-500 2-3 times per week, it can help make testicles look fuller again and possible mood improvements or mood problems.

There’s just no way to tell which way things will go.

I really like two shots a week of 400iu so 800/wk I have been as high as 1500/wk I felt no different.
HCG can raise your E2 (mine barely went up) there is no formula it effect everyone different.
Some report feeling better, some say it does nothing and other feel bad on it. So you just have to try it and see how you like it.
My PCP had me on mono T and after 6 months my nuts were pull up tight against my body and there were sharp pains. 5 weeks of HCG fixed me and I have never stopped taking it.

Hi, I was thinking about doing some blood work again and testing for the same as last time and a bit more things but don’t know if it’s necessary… I don’t have insurance so it’s out of pocket, but I get them at discounted labs.

Is this fine? Or should I just do free t, total t and estradiol?

Assuming you were planning to include Free T3, you could add Reverse T3 if you wanted, but if doing fine you could skip it. I ordered Reverse T3 months ago do to curiosity and found it slightly elevated and this knowledge forced a plan of action that has seen it decrease do to suggestions (change in diet) by my doctor.

Reverse T3 competes for the same receptor and when elevated can block the main free thyroid hormone ~ Free T3.

If just looking to track your progress, Total T, Free T and estrogen is a minimum. This way in the future if you ever feel like something is off, you can come back and see where levels were previously and compare them.

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Hi hernandez, Do you just want your male hormones tested for your TRT or are you looking into your thyroid as well. The reason I ask is so many here fail to mention a thyroid panel adds an extra 250 bucks to the blood test bill.
For over all checkup no thyroid:

  • Total and free testosterone (LC/MS assay. No upper limit restriction)

  • Prostatic specific antigen (PSA) (TRT is contraindicated for PSA equal or above 4.0)

  • Estradiol (sensitive. LC/MS assay)

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)

  • Lipids (LDL, HDL, Triglycerides)

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) (Glucose, electrolytes, liver/kidney functions)

  • Comprehensive Blood Count (CBC) (Immune cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit)

For a basic TRT mini blood test.
TT/FT/E2/HCT if you donate blood add ferritin.

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