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How To Come Back From a Fever/Flu?

It’s been such a bad 48hrs. I came down with such a bad stomach ache and I threw up and had diarrhea three times within a three hour span yesterday. Today I woke up with neck and shoulder aches. Trying my best to stay hydrated but my appetite is in the shitter I don’t even crave soups. Last thing I want is to go back into the gym. And have my lifts be down a significant amount because I havent been eating much and my body hasn’t been active.
Is it all in my head or will I be weaker when I head back to lifting?

You’ll be fine. Few months ago I was sick and didn’t do any physical activity for 2 weeks and barely ate 1000cals a day during that time. Bad stomach virus.

When I came back to the gym I was weak as hell. But after 2 weeks I was right back to where I was lifting before.

You’ll be fine. Rest up!

Yep, rest up mate, a few days, week or so out of the gym won’t hurt.
With a bad case of the squirts, give yourself a few days of good eating and drinking and feeling good before pushing it again as your body will likely be dehydrated and fucked