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How to Combat Acne on TRT?

I know this has been talked about before but wanted to start a new thread to get new opinions.

I didn’t notice any acne till around week 18 of starting trt 200mg

I havn’t been taking the finasteride but now considering it. Do you guys think this would help out a lot with acne?

And besides finasteride any other advice is greatly appreciated!

Don’t do that. What are your levels?

When you say don’t do that I am assuming you mean to actually take the finsteride right?

More frequent injections, large doses increases conversion of E2 and DHT.

I was considering that as a variable. I been splitting them up 2 injections a week but the last few weeks I been just doing 1 injection a week.

You may have gone in the wrong direction, you should have tried EOD injections.

It’s a temporary issue from the injection frequency. A bigger dose will trigger it too. Don’t do anything, just wait. If once a week works fine otherwise, then just keep doing that and the acne will go away in a few weeks. EOD is an unnecessary pain in the ass for almost everyone.

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At 200mg a week, you will always have acne if you are prone to it. At that dose you have 2-3 times the testosterone of a healthy young man. You are bound to have some side effects.

You have to pay to play.

Not all of us, for some of us that’s just top end of the range


That dose puts most guys at 800-1200ng/dL. I come back at 880-920 on 200mg once weekly.

I usually sit back and watch these conversations take off in twenty different directions, but it’s pretty simple really. Test your DHT levels (would have been best to know your levels pre-TRT for comparison).

After that, there’s really only two options…lower your dose until the converted DHT level is low enough to not cause acne, or use finasteride to block DHT conversion.

For some people, apparently finasteride is a nightmare. For others it’s of no concern at all and a Godsend.

I would avoid finasteride at nearly all costs. I certainly would not use it for acne.


Yes, at a trough. Check your peak and then see the difference.

Of course, I think it is commonly accepted that those on TRT therapy evaluate response by checking levels at trough. Obviously, levels will be higher one day post injection than at six. Regardless, if one cannot handle whatever levels they have, they need to change protocol. However, most, taking 150-200mg per week, have no side effects.