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How to Clear Glenn finding

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Cruciferous veggies.


I’m in a weird country right now and can’t get hold of dim or calcium d glucarate.

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What is excessive estrogen and how do you know you have excessive estrogen?

Bloated, water retention and I can’t feel my dick even when hard and ejaculation is hard work and less than joyful.

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You can usually find DIM in any vitamin shop. That where I get mine.
I have a question do you prefer DIM over an A.I.?
I Stop taking my A.I about 6months ago and now I take DIM I think the A.I had to many side effects but I was wondering which one you prefer and why?

yea I heard those type of veggies do reduce you estrogen but my question is how much do you actually have to eat for it to be enough to lower your estrogen ?

I think its called your free E2

I had this with low e2

You can also drink warm lemon water. Fresh lemon.


Can’t get DIM or Cal d glu so think I’m stuck with zinc. Does zinc actually work?

what is the diffence between DIM and a A.I?

It should clear itself naturally after a week or so if you have it under control now. Zinc might help if that’s all you can find. Hot lemon water is supposed to help too.

DIM is a natural supplement derived from cruciferous vegetables and acts as a natural AI. I don’t believe it works for all people though. AI’s like anastrozole are strong drugs meant to stop conversion to estrogen. They are commonly used in breast cancer treatment of post menopausal women as they want to eliminate all estrogen.

I don’t want to take an AI and want have bought some grape seed extract but want to know if I should buy DIM instead.
Heard about zinc too but only in high doses. I like the idea of gse as it has no real side effects.

I hope you bought a wheelbarrow of that grapeseed extract. You’ll need that much to get anywhere.

Yea Try DIM and see how it works for you from my understanding I heard a A.I like anastrozole is bad for you long term but I think some people have no choice because DIM does not work for them

Taking 50mg of zinc and 200mg gse now.

I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading in this forum. You guys are still under the delusion that E2 is somehow bad for you, something that needs to be managed or blocked. You’re all taking AIs or other compounds to lower it and all have side effects that you need to discuss here. You never block E2 - ever. You need to get your free T levels up until your symptoms resolve. It’s that simple. If your levels are optimized and are still not feeling well then you need to address thyroid. That’s it. It isn’t more complicated than that.


I thought it was calcium d glucarate that was in cruciferous veg. Which also helps regulate e2