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How to Choose a Good Protein Supp?

At the moment I just look at respectable brands and find the cheapest whey protein powder. All I want is a fast absorbed protein supplement like whey, and I am having a shake first thing in the morning, before and after training. I also drink Casein before bed. But how can I tell if a supplement is good? PHD Pharma Whey had taurine and some other shit in it… surely thats not what im looking for?!

And also im drinking a lot of this stuff and have no idea how it is manufactured. Anyone have any idea?

Either order the stuff from the Biotest store I reckon you can probably trust them :slight_smile:

Or if the shipping plus customs is too stressful try myprotein.co.uk I know plenty of people who’ve been using their stuff for years without any problems.

That’s very easy. Just make sure it says “Biotest” on the bottle.

Seriously, chose a brand you can trust, which would be Biotest for me, and then go by budget. If your on a thight budget buy some Grow!, if you can spend a little more mix one scoop of Metabolic Drive with one scoop of Grow! for your morning and before-bed shake. Have some Grow! before and after your workout.
If you have a little money left try MAG-10 or Anaconda for your peri-workout shakes.

That’s it.

Personally, I have 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive each mid-morning and mid-afternoon. And then one scoop of Grow! and one scoop of Metabolic Drive before bed.
Additionaly, I use the Anaconda-protocol…


go with a brand you can trust … do a little research if it means that much to you … type in a brand you’re thinking about buying into a search engine and read reviews. studies, articles … whatever, from a few different sources

a) find if out you have any allergies or intolerances (if not, choose whey or casein).
b) Choose if you want fast or slow digesting (whey vs casein vs mix)
c) Ignore the BS
d) Go with flavor

So stuff like added taurine is, in the grande scheme of things, pretty unimportant.

You might want to consider a slower digesting shake (a la Metabolic Drive) in the morning too, especially if you want to keep full longer in the day.

Cheers for the help guys. Much appreciated

As far as protein goes, my order next will consist of 2 tubs MAG-10 and 4 tubs Metabolic Drive Complete.

Probably get so ZMA as well.