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How to Choose a Doctor?

Hey all,

In reading some of the posts it looks like most Dr’s are pretty clueless when it comes to TRT. How do I go about picking one that knows what he/she is doing? I don’t want to have to go and visit with multiple options to find the right one. I live in the Northern suburbs of Chicago. Anyone know of someone in this area? Even northside of Chicago or downtown would work. What do you all think of this place? I only ask because of the positive Yelp reviews. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

I see a doctor in the Elmhurst group in Lombard. Great guy reads the numbers, but does not see the point of AI’s or HCG. That’s ok, just buy research chem for an AI.And great news, insurance covers the doctor and the labs, I just pay labcorp for my own E2 sensitive test.