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How to Check Supplement Quality?


Hi buddies,

Well today before my work out, I was downing a handful of BCCAs. And I was thinking; how do I know that these BCCAs actually contain BCCAs? Maybe the capsules are just sugar pills? Is there any independant bodies that check the validity of supplements?





Concerning BCAAs I have read that there is a specific ratio of luecine to/over other bcaas+any other additivies to the product to aid in its breakdown/disposal/digestion of it but Im not sure if I believe this to be 100% true or if its just supplement hype. Im on the fense.

What kind do you have?


I have some body science bsc BCCAs. Its an Australian brand.
Im thinking we just have to take the companies word. I mean what if to cut costs they decided to for example: use 50% BCCAs and 50% sugar pills in their supply. If you have ever worked for any company, you would realise that most business men would do anything to cust costs and increase profit.
And that consumerlab website; you have to join up and pay money, which I really dont want to do.
Just saying.



I would just take what you have and if you don't think it was worth the money then don't buy it anymore. If the company wants to cut corners then don't give them your business. Your results will tell you if it's legit or not.


then stop worrying about supplement quality and fly blind, and perhaps waste your money?


If you're taking them as a preworkout supp, why not just judge how your training goes on them vs. not?

Isn't that all that really matters? There's no science to backup NO Xplode but I've met huge guys that swear by it. So basically what I'm saying is, even if the supplement is more filler than actual product, it doesn't really matter if it's improving your training. At least when it comes to pre workout supps.


I think its pretty hard to judge the performance of supplements such as BCCAs. How do you know your not just having a good day, or you had optimal sleep the night before, or you got your nutrition just right??
Saying that I would like to take BCCAs for example before my cardio for benfit of not wasting any muscle, but there is no way I could tell if its working or not unless I had an identical twin who was doing the same as me without the BCCAs.

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I'm going to check it out.


Personally, I try and stay away from anything with "proprietary blend" on the label. I like to know exactly how much of what is in what I'm taking. AFAIK no Biotests supps have that on the labels.


Use a larger sample size.

Train 2 weeks on BCAAs preworkout and then 2 weeks off.

Keep program and diet the same and try to sleep properly.


How does NO Xplode make you huge??
Ive heard bad things about their company as well. Luckily where I live a lot of the distribution and sales factories for major supp companies are near by so I can listen to each one talk shit about the other. We are really just buying hopes and dreams with this shit. At worst you can get a placebo effect.


I'm pretty sure several of their products list things, under their formula so you're not exactly sure how much you're getting.

ReceptorMax for example


meh, they're not infallible either. how much CH, citrulline malate, and additional leucine does MAG-10 contain? those are the only 3 ingredients and we're in the dark on all three. companies need to hide some things from the consumers otherwise they'd lose all their business to bulk nutraceutical suppliers. proprietary blends which are used to hide filler ingredients are an entirely different story though.


btw- work will be paying for my subscription to consumer labs for anyone that wants to a wait a week or so. I can look stuff up for ya


I'll definitely take you up on that offer.


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well, the reports are several pages long and just a web page.

List what supplement brand you want me to check along with the specific supplement and I'll copy/paste


ONs whey powder.

And does it give it details of the most potent fish oil?




ON Whey is approved
ZMA- dont have a category for

FO-when you say most potent, do you mean per serving?
Cardio Stat 710mg/pill epa/dha low in dha content
Nordic Naturals DHA say extremely high but 270mg
VitaOils 1,000 mg epa/dha per pill