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How to Check Online Sources?

Hey guys, im not asking for a source here! Just wandering if there is anyway to check if online sources are legit or not? is there some sort of list or anything around? As some of you may know i have lost my regular source! I think i have found another, but its online, so just wana be sure its reliable etc!


I know of at least 2 forums out there that are pretty easy to find which list sources and reviews from the members. They are, however, semi-private in that you need to pay a few bucks for a membership before you are allowed to view the sources.

If it’s an online store that you found with google there is a high probability that it is not legit. But, you could type the domain name into google and you might find forums where people are discussing their experience with the site.

In a case like this i would truly suggest a guy use a service like TSC, (SEE DOH, i am not COMPLETELEY close minded)

cheers for the replies guys. much appriciated

Is there anyway to find out a few of these? (p.m.) I have one I’d like to talk about privately if anyone can (for obvious reasons)