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How to Check if I'm Having "Morning Wood" Because I Wake Up in the Afternoon?


Just help me out you two . You made me more worried comparing me with old guys. I’m just 22 guys


Oh ok but what’s the solution for my problem . I also have some migraine like throbbing pain in my head several times in a day .


I had migraine multiple times a day when T was low, I think it was low E2 that cause headaches. Headaches can also be thyroid related, waking up with a headache could be thyroid. The problem is most doctors are like robots, they chase lab numbers and ignore systems, it’s a if they were trained by the military or something.

The military turns men into machines, robots obeying without independent thought.

Men can have a high Total T and still have low T, Free T is what you need to pay attention to.

I pay $150 per month for private care for my TRT, expert level doctors. Sure I have insurance, but the doctors seem disinterested in learning how to do TRT. I know know more than they do.

The tail is wagging the dog here.


Buy another private testosterone test like $25 dollars for this Monday 30th July. Then if it arrives in next day in Post, take it on 31st July Tuesday at 9AM or soon as it arrives if it arrives before 9:30AM then post that bloodwork for your Testosterone, because between 8:30 to 9:30AM should say your Proper level. then i will tell you brother. No problem welcome


Thank you . Please be in touch :slight_smile:


You r having enough discussion here so please don’t start same thing in other groups


So I’m in the same boat as @ramanmania for some reason I can not get my morning wood to come back I use to get real strong morning wood that I could hang a towel on it now it just feels lifeless down there no matter if I’m on TRT or not maybe like once a month I get a decent morning wood but I should have it every day and I’m 30yrs/old. What would you recommend that I focus on to get my morning wood back??


Brother I still don’t get morning wood . But I think it really depends on sleeping habits maybe we both are getting nocturnal errection but we wake up late or something and don’t see it. I’m now taking ashwagandha for last 5 days. So if you are on trt you must be having high testosterone still you not getting morning wood ?I don’t get it


Idk before I had any of these problems I woke up with morning wood everyday. Even if I took a nap I would wake up with strong wood. But now I have no idea on how to get back to that part of my life. To be honest I wonder if it is even possible anymore


I dont know when you started trt but you will get that again. Right before i started trt and during first few months my dick was shriveled. Actually could not get hard with a damn blow job! I would even lose an erection masterbating. It was depressing.


I can get hard while I masturbate and I he should not be so worried for his morning wood cause being on trt just to get morning wood is insane


I’m not worried about morning wood per say. Ive have had low T symptoms for the past year and a half. And it’s taking a toll on my sexual functions. I feel like what ever is going wrong with me if I can fix the morning wood the. Maybe my intentional errections will be a lot better as well be cause rite now they are very weak and idk why


Brother I was taking zinc 200mg sulphate and ashwagandha before bed after 10 day use I’m getting rock hard morning errection . I guess most of the people on this forum just lack natural nutrients and minerals that’s quite obvious and instead of getting the deit healthier they end up on artificial medicine . Brother try that out


just after 7-8 tablets of zinc it’s good please give it a try .


Brother got my blood work total testosterone 504 Ng/dl


you need to keep in mind that your first test was taken a lot later than suggested. Your second was taken at the proper time. Therefore that can explain a lot of the difference in your levels due to difference in collection times. I’m not saying zinc and and ashwaghanda did not do anything, what I am saying is you cannot attribute the difference just to taking those two supplements. Please keep in mind all variants before attributing to one cause.


That’s true


So are you dialed in. What protocol are you on rite now???
Also have another question I have very low volume of sperm. It was never this low before I’m not sure what happen to me


Thanks for those tips I will definitely give it a try


Nooo. I am not on any protocol . Just took zinc and ashwagandha