How to Check a Source?

Source checking is not allowed on this site… Correct? Some of you may have read my last post which was basically asking for a online source… this of course was not well received but desperate times call for desperate measures… So I have been online everyday pecking away trying to find an online source with good prices and reliability… but the only problem is who is really reliable?? How can one be for sure? I buy my stuff in town, I did the online thing in college once and got scammed… I have everything I need to start my cycle but one thing… wjat should I do??? I have found several sites but I have found one with good prices and no minimum order…

what we all do is take the source name search in google
add the words legit,scam,ect

good luck

The internet is not a good or safe place to seek gear… Honestly, go to your gym and ask the right people, make friends with them first.
It’s the safest way that I know of. A lot more people use gear than you might think!

Find someone who’s huge, engage in conversation, build a trust between you two.

Dont come right out and ask, kinda worm your way into the topic.