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How to Change my Skinnyfat Look?

How to change it? …

  1. High volume training within an hour
  2. One big meal a day
  3. Sleep early
  4. Psych yourself up before taking selfies. Read other people’s threads.
  5. One cardio session a week
  6. Rotate between bodyweight exercises and weights
  7. Be a good person. Meditate whenever you feel stressed
  8. Goal-identify and re-evaluate every week
  9. Work on weaknesses first
  10. Drink copious amounts of coffee

Thanks brotha, see my bodypic, attached it now.

But should i cut, or? If yes, should i do a hard-cut, like 800-900 kcals deficit, or a smaller one, 200-300 deficit?

Like u guys see i havent much muscle, and my body then looks alot more fatter then it really is, because lack of the muscle.

So maybe i shouldnt cut?

Go to google and type snake diet for dummies. Watch some of his other videos. He’s smart and ahead of the curve on fasting. Cut your fat first, then you can start building muscle when you are lean.
I lost 43lbs in 30 days. The health benefits
you feel are amazing! I had ridiculous amounts of energy after just a few days.

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^^^Warning, he cusses a lot in his videos. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lose weight if you want to be smaller. Gain weight if you want to be bigger.

You get to be “skinny fat” through years of neglect. It is going to take years of work to fix it.


You just started in January. You can have the most proven routine but if you aren’t consistent and haven’t put enough time then you aren’t going to change dramatically.

if you cut 15-20lbs from your already barely any noticeable muscle mass you will just be a even smaller skinny fat guy.

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I am using a proven routine, a u/l-routine, 4/week. But i have been on a very hard cut from january, so havent been able to add that much muscle.

Should I increase my kcals? Currently at 1800.

So how can I tighten up the fat/body then? Bulk is not a option, especially now when i allready have a high bf.

Maybe eat at maintance/bit below(200-300 kcals)?

Being skinny’s better than being fat.

I’d keep cutting

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Ye, I will cut, but i am unsure if going for a hard-cut(800-900 kcal deficit) or a smaller one(300-400). If going for a hard-cut, then I can loose the fat alot faster, but am afraid that i then will loose the small amounts of muscle I have aswell.

Thoughts? What would u do?

Cut hard. You’ve so little muscle it’s really not going to matter if you lose a little. You’ll essentially be starting from scratch anyway.

Just blitz the fat off.

And do some sit ups every day. You’ll be super skinny by the end of it but you’ll have a 6 pack which you’ll like.

If i should cut hard, why do I then need to lift? I allready have very low musclemass as it is, and it wont be better if i keep cutting and eating very little.

That’s good if you want to be 6’1 and 140.

Just lift weights and eat a reasonable amount of food with plenty of protein. You just started training so you can easily lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Go and read stuff by people like Eric Helms and Mike Israetel.

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Do you want to look like you are starving to death or do you want to be in shape? You don’t really need to worry about actual weight, worry about what you see in the mirror. Stop eating garbage, eat a balanced diet high in protein and lift weights a few times a week.

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But what if i cut down to 165 lbs, will i be leaner/have a six-pack? Or same as now, just smaller, with low musclemass?

if you lose enough fat you will have a 6 pack

It depends on how much fat you actually lose, if you starve yourself and lose 15lbs. muscle and 5lbs. fat you might look even worse. Your body will lose muscle before fat if calories are too low and you don’t give it a reason to keep muscle (like lifting weights or hard physical labor) because muscle requires more calories to maintain. Everyone can get a 6 pack if they get lean enough. Losing weight and not lifting or doing some other sort of hard physical activity is not going to get you good results unless extreme scrawniness is the goal.

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