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How to Calculate the Amount to Pin?

For starters i have to apologize for my english, i have no idea how to put this topic into simple words. What im asking is, for example. if i want the equivalent test levels that 500mgs of Test E per week would give me is there an easy calculation to be done to know how much sustanon i would have to pin each week? or even Test Prop? ive tried different searches on google but i found nothing. it just maybe that i didnt search with the right sentence… dunno. But i do know that you guys would know the answer to this. Thank you!

The amount of test per mililiter is written on a vial/amp. Testosterone usually comes in 200mg/ml or 250mg/ml… So doing a simple math - 200mg/ml x 2,5 = 500mg, so - you need 2 and a half CCs a week.
If its 250mg/ml you need 2 CCs a week.

Prop might be different, but the math remains the same - you read the concentration, and then take the dose you want and you divide the dose with the concentration writen on the bottle.
Lets say your prop is 150mg/ml and you want 500mg a week then its 500 : 150 = 3,333 CCs a week.


Hank pretty much summed it up

Thanks, that was way much easier than i thought since i had this preconseption that 250mg of prop would be way much more potent than 250mg of E, so you would have to take E much more than prop. but i guess i was wrong

Well technically it is. The added weight of the ester is included in that 250mg. And prop is smaller than enanthate. So 250mg of prop would contain more test than enanthate. In reality no one calculates their dose based on that tho.

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