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How to Calculate Dose in Insulin Needle?

I have Test Cyp and its 200mg/ml. and I have these syringes

I want to inject daily a total of 160mg a week, which boils down to about 23mg daily. Where is that mark on the insulin needles?

If drawing from 200mg vial, 23mg would be .11 ml, if from a 100mg vial, .23 ml would be 23mg. My 1ml syringes have 10 marks for every .10 ml where yours only has 5 which makes dosing accurately almost impossible.

11.5 would be 23mg at that strength. 80 for the whole week.

You want 160mg of T-cyp per week and you have a 200mg/mL solution of T-cyp. So you need to inject 160/200 = 0.8mL per week (although I suggest more frequent dosing than weekly).

You have 1 mL syringe that is marked into 100 units (of insulin) Each 10 units = 0.1mL. Therefore, you need 8X10 = 80 units.

Personally, I prefer every 3 day dosing. I smooths out the hormonal highs lows which helps to minimize conversion to E2 and DHT. That would equate to about 0.35mL (35 units) E3D to get you about the same overall weekly dose but with fewer potential side-effects.

He quite specifically says he’s doing daily dosing.

If your syringe is 1ml, then 11 units each day.

Units are easier to read and dose if you the use 1/2cc (1/2ml) syringe when you run out consider getting those.

This is true because you are injecting a small amount each time. If you were injecting 100mg at once you would go up to 50 unit on the syringe. Each unit is 2 mg. That’s because your vial is 200mg per 1ml (100 units)

I missed that you were going for daily dosing. 80 units/7 = ~11 units per day.

Agree with steven90 that a smaller 1/2 CC syringe would make measurements easier. For daily dosing of such small amounts, I’ve found that a 28G 1/2 CC insulin syringe with a 1/2 in needle works well. Easy enough to draw up and inject that small volume. I’ve tried 30G, and it will work, but you have to be patient drawing it up.